CETTCertified Electronics Training Technician
CETTCaribbean Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training
CETTComplete and Exhaustive Testing Techniques
CETTCumulative Expected Transmission Time
CETTConnie Email Thread Trap (email sniglet)
CETTTutorial on Complete and Exhaustive Testing Techniques
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Under the banner, Success North CETT, Newcastle College will be working in partnership with Leeds Metropolitan University and eight regional colleges, as well as key consultant partners.
Gerard Povey, senior repairs surveyor for Knowsley council, said: "We chose CETT because they gave us a good price, they are very competitive and they always provide an excellent and friendly service.
Colin Booth of Newcastle College said: "We are delighted to have been chosen to lead a CETT and to be recognised on a national scale.
Working in partnership with eight colleges, Leeds Metropolitan University and a host of both regional and national organisations, the purpose of the CETT is to develop training and professional development for teachers in the learning skills sector.
Leading a CETT will help the college to further develop our teacher education and professional development courses.
CETTs were proposed in the Equipping our Teachers for the Future document.