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CETUSConsortium for Educational Technology for University Systems
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Suburban Deep-Sky Sights Object Type Constellation Mag(v) Size M56 Globular cluster Lyra 8.3 5.0' NGC 404 Lenticular galaxy Andromeda 10.3 3.5x3.5' M110 Elliptical galaxy Andromeda 8.5 17.8' x 9.8' M2 Globular cluster Aquarius 6.5 16.0' M72 Globular cluster Aquarius 9.2 5.9' M73 Open cluster Aquarius 8.9 2.8' NGC 1055 Spiral galaxy Cetus 10.5 6.2' x 2.9' M1 Supernova remnant Taurus 8.4 8.0'x 10.0' NGC 7293 Planetary nebula Aquarius 7.3 15.3'x 12.0' Object RA Dec.
(101) Holodniy's research agreement with Cetus and his employment agreement with Stanford University contained language assigning intellectual property rights.
Beneath Pisces lies Cetus, which has fairly bright stars on either end.
When looking towards Cetus we are looking in completely the opposite direction to the galactic centre, towards the South Galactic Pole (which is actually in nearby Sculptor).
Andromeda: Sometimes known as "The Chained Lady", it is named after Andromeda, who was chained to a rock to be eaten by the sea monster Cetus in Greek mythology.
Meanwhile, the newly identified binary star (designated SDSS J010657.39 - 100003.3) is located about 7,800 light-years away in the constellation Cetus. It consists of two white dwarfs, a visible star and an unseen companion whose presence is betrayed by the visible star's motion around it.
Mira is a binary star in the constellation Cetus, consisting of the red giant Mira A along with Mira B.
The company has entered into an agreement with Cetus Investment Resources, Inc (Cetus Investment) to subscribe conditionally GBP2,000,000 for 200,000,000 new ordinary shares of GBP0.01p each (the first subscription shares) at a subscription price of GBP0.86147 per share.
The constellation Sculptor is situated between Cetus to the north and Phoenix to the south.
Swedish medical devices developer LifeAssays AB said on Wednesday (28 May) that it has signed a distribution agreement with the Icelandic company CETUS ehf.
That was being crafted elsewhere, especially in Berkeley, where a handful of scientists with their colleagues from Stanford founded the biomedical firm Cetus. The field was "saved" by its industrialization, a story that Vettel lays out in convincing detail.
The square tubular unit is bolted to the cut wire to give the appearance of a purpose-made unit from the Troax wire mesh fencing systems, including Cetus, Musca and Caelum, and items from other leading machine fence ranges.