CEVESCentro Venezolano de Español (Spanish: Venezuelan Spanish Center; various locations)
CEVESCenter for Advanced Economic Studies (Serbia)
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This collection of items is necessary to formulate specific questionnaires and hence to find and eliminate disturbance factors from the implementation of a CEVE (Goebbels et al., 2003).
The broadness of CEVE evaluation criteria constitutes an obstruction in the evaluation process.
In the case of a CEVE we propose to conduct three phases in each evaluation cycle (Figure 2), namely:
The choice of evaluators depends greatly on the intended target group of the CEVE and its ability to cooperate with the CEVE designers.
According to our suggested framework (Table 1), before evaluating the CEVE, the evaluation candidates should participate in a two part pre-test questionnaire.
In this session, users familiarize themselves with the CEVE's navigation control scheme and overall user interface.
After this session the users will be more capable of participating in the next session since the familiarity with the user interface will enable them to concentrate on evaluating the tools and services offered by the CEVE.
In this session, users evaluate the communication and collaboration capabilities of the CEVE through cooperation with others.
* How users take advantage of CEVE functionality in order to carry out the learning process.
As presented in Figure 3 goals can be defined with regard to the evaluation itself, the learning outcomes and the CEVE's features.
* How much the users use the CEVE functionality in orders to carry out the learning process.
Table 2 demonstrates how the evaluation model assists in the comprehensive assessment of the CEVE by collecting data and comments on both usability and educational issues.