CEVSCampus Events Visitor Services
CEVSChicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show (Chicago, IL)
CEVSCommunity Equipment Virtual Store (est. 2004; Department of Health; UK)
CEVSCentral European Values Studies
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CEVS offers a unique platform for being part of one of the most sophisticated and revolutionary clean energy projects in the nation.
The evaluation is funded through this grant and the National Institute of Justice under grant 96 CEVS 0017.
The ESP/RS, CGVS and CEVS established the Integrated Health Residency (IHR) with emphasis on Health Surveillance, a course based on the education-service integration guideline, facilitating practice settings in the four major areas of Health Surveillance--epidemiological, health, worker's health and environmental--in the municipal and state perspectives, where CGVS is the first-year and CEVS the second-year field of training.