CEWGCommunity Epidemiology Work Group
CEWGCommunications-Electronics Working Group
CEWGCommunications and Education Working Group
CEWGCrew Exchange and Training Working Group
CEWGContainment and Effects Working Group
CEWGCommunications Enterprise Working Group
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8) ISAF ought to endorse and train toward a structure in which civilians lead PRTs, the military supports civilian directors, and all reporting and assessments go through joint civilian-military RC teams up to ISAF headquarters and the broader CEWG in one coherent system.
The CEWG reports, designed to identify trends, emerging issues, and regional differences, are startling.
19] In addition, the CEWG reports MDMA use is increasing outside the rave, dance, and club scenes.
The CEWG is mandated to take forward the work of its predecessor, the Expert Working Group on R & D Financing and Coordination (EWG); deepen the analysis of the proposals in the EWG s report; consider additional submissions and proposals from Member States, any regional and sub-regional consultations, and from other stakeholders; and to examine the appropriateness of different R & D financing approaches and the feasibility of implementation of these approaches in each of the six WHO regions, with sub-regional analysis; as appropriate.
In most CEWG areas, indicators of narcotic analgesic abuse are causing concern, and increases in admissions for narcotic analgesic abuse were noted in half of the 14 CEWG areas that collect this information.