CEWICommunications Electronics Warfare Intelligence
CEWICombat Electronic Warfare & Intelligence
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Though effective in improving MI planning and exercise support for four CEWI units and an aerial exploitation company, it deactivated in 1990.
Lack of readiness was the main reason, although individual Soldiers did contribute and reinforce two deployed Corps CEWI brigades and divisional CEWI units.
We often conducted maneuvers in the same area, fighting mock battles against other American forces, especially in the fall Reforger "field problem." Although tanks did the most damage to the farms and roads, 533rd CEWI's trucks and jeeps ripped up enough property on their own, especially when it rained and the mud common to Northern Europe began flowing like rivers.
The challenge posed to the audience by the CEWI commander was to get the size and weight down for this gear.
The LMRDS has been nomenclatured the AN/PRD-12, and is smaller and lighter than the PRD-10 and -11 gear (developed and produced by Watkins Johnson) now used by CEWI battalions.
It also allowed Fort Devens to concentrate on training in the enlisted Career Management Field (CMF) 98 (EW/Cryptologic Operations) in light of increased requirements to man the new CEWI battalions.
The second part of the IOSS reforms was the creation of CEWI tactical units.
In October 1976, the Army activated the first of these battalions, the 522d MI Battalion (CEWI), for testing under the 2d Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas.
In January 1981, COL Harmon assumed command of the 525th MI Group (CEWI), XVIII Airborne Corps.
During this period he contributed to the development of several important MI doctrine and training manuals, to include completing Field Manual 34-1, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations and many training circulars to assist MI's transition to the Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence (CEWI) organization.
Her previous command positions include the 308th Ml Battalion, 902d Ml Group; the Fort Meade and Fort Leavenworth Ml Detachments, Ml Battalion (Cl), 902d Ml Group; and the Headquarters and Headquarters Operations Company, 102d Ml Battalion (CEWI), 2d Infantry Division (21D).
His assignments there included Executive Officer of the 109th MI Battalion (Combat Electronic Warfare and Intelligence, or CEWI) and Commander of the Division's Operational Support Detachment.