CEWICommunications Electronics Warfare Intelligence
CEWICombat Electronic Warfare & Intelligence
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Lack of readiness was the main reason, although individual Soldiers did contribute and reinforce two deployed Corps CEWI brigades and divisional CEWI units.
The challenge posed to the audience by the CEWI commander was to get the size and weight down for this gear.
The LMRDS has been nomenclatured the AN/PRD-12, and is smaller and lighter than the PRD-10 and -11 gear (developed and produced by Watkins Johnson) now used by CEWI battalions.
PHOTO : A member of the Army's CEWI group stands behind the 100-lb manpack he currently is
By 1988, each of the Army's eighteen divisions had an organic CEWI battalion.
Although the focus of the CEWI concept was the divisional battalions, it was quickly expanded to both the corps and separate brigade levels.
Army Intelligence had dedicated assets to support every level in the Army; INSCOM's brigades supported the national and theater level while the organic CEWI brigades and battalions supported every corps and division.