CF1Coupling Factor 1 Protein (biochemistry)
CF1Chloroplast-Coupling Factor 1
CF1Common Factor 1 (protein)
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Y perfformwyr olaf i ymddangos yn un o gyngherddau'r Eisteddfod ym Maldwyn a'r Gororau oedd John Owen-Jones, Cor CF1, Luke McCall, Rhian Lois, Cast Les Miserables Canolfan y Mileniwm a'r Urdd a'r gyflwynwraig, Alex Jones, gyda Cherddorfa John Quirk.
2) Hills Street, Cardiff, CF1 1NA (postcode no longer in use) - 20 crimes.
Multiple regression analysis was also performed with CF1, CF2, and GR as variables, and SI3 and RT3 as predictor variables, r, R, and r' denote simple correlation coefficient, standard multiple correlation coefficient, and standard partial regression coefficient, respectively.
In conclusion boron in high dose produces important cytotoxics effects, with degeneration of epithelium of seminiferous tubules, possibly inhibiting the spermiation, causing testicular hypertrophy, altering the masculine reproductive patterns and a reduction in fertility of mice CF1.
We found the CF, CF1 and CF2 significantly inhibited the frequency of acetic-acid-induced abdominal constrictions in mice (p < 0.
Members who left the HMO or the Enhanced PPO to enroll in Coverage First split fairly evenly between CF1 and CF2.
Katherine Jenkins was the first to perform in an Eisteddfod concert on the pavilion stage in Swansea, and the final concert, held in Meifod last August starred John Owen-Jones, Cor CF1, Luke McCall, Rhian Lois and presenter, Alex Jones, with the John Quirk Orchestra.
CF1 also reached the final round in the 'adult choirs' category in the BBC Choir of the Year competition in 2010.
Now its Treforest-based production company CF1 say the movie, which stars Christopher Walken, Alfred Molina and Brenda Blethyn, finally deserves a chance to be seen.
Evaluation of toxical effects of malathion on the cauda epidydymus of CF1 mouse).
FOR further details of attractions throughout North Wales as well as information about holiday accommodation in the area, which ranges from humble B&Bs to five- star hotels, contact your local ABTA travel agent or The Wales Tourist Board, Davis Street, Cardiff CF1 2FU (tel: 01222 475226).
This consultation concerns the supply and installation of two chillers for cooling Central 6MWF Orly CF1 (Business number: 231729 and 231766).