CF1Coupling Factor 1 Protein (biochemistry)
CF1Chloroplast-Coupling Factor 1
CF1Common Factor 1 (protein)
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At one time some properties in Grangetown had the CF1 postcode, but the whole system was changed in 1999.
Y perfformwyr olaf i ymddangos yn un o gyngherddau'r Eisteddfod ym Maldwyn a'r Gororau oedd John Owen-Jones, Cor CF1, Luke McCall, Rhian Lois, Cast Les Miserables Canolfan y Mileniwm a'r Urdd a'r gyflwynwraig, Alex Jones, gyda Cherddorfa John Quirk.
Treinta ratones machos de la cepa CF1, de 10 a 12 semanas, fueron distribuidos en un grupo control y cinco grupos experimentales, cada uno constituido por cinco individuos.
Multiple regression analysis was also performed with CF1, CF2, and GR as variables, and SI3 and RT3 as predictor variables, r, R, and r' denote simple correlation coefficient, standard multiple correlation coefficient, and standard partial regression coefficient, respectively.
In conclusion boron in high dose produces important cytotoxics effects, with degeneration of epithelium of seminiferous tubules, possibly inhibiting the spermiation, causing testicular hypertrophy, altering the masculine reproductive patterns and a reduction in fertility of mice CF1.
We found the CF, CF1 and CF2 significantly inhibited the frequency of acetic-acid-induced abdominal constrictions in mice (p < 0.01).
Employees choosing the CF1 plan received a $500 allowance, meaning that other than paying $20 copays for nonpreventive office visits, their first $500 of care was covered at 100 percent.
One hundred and sixty eight mice were sampled, 84 weaned and 84 adults, from CIV, NMRI and CF1 mice strains.
Since then, the Pavilion audience and those watching and listening at home, have enjoyed 418 choral performances in a wide range of competitions, and the most successful choir in the history of the pavilion was CF1, 'placed' in a competition ten times during the past decade.
Ymhlith yr artistiaid a oedd yn cymryd rhan oedd John Owen Jones, Mark Evans, Fflur Wyn, Cr CF1 a Cherddorfa Eisteddfod Llangollen.