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CF2Compact Flash Type Two
CF2Clotting Factor 2
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Specimen ID Experiment Proposed (9) [[DELTA].SUB.f] [f'.sub.cfc] [f'.sub.cfc] (MPa) (MPa) (MPa) CF1 26.0262 27.2129 1.1867 CF2 29.2993 29.4151 0.1158 CF3 33.4394 32.2298 -1.2096 Table 6: Comparison of strains at peak stresses between the proposed and experimental results.
Averaged condition factors, SD and CV were computed as follows: CF1 = 0.38 [+ or -] 0.11 (28%); CF2 = 0.26 [+ or -] 0.03 (10%); CF3 = 0.10 [+ or -] 0.03 (30%).
Consequently, the FTIR conformed the XRD results to transfer the phase of PVDF.The IR vibration of the PVDF films is 840cm-1 that was assigned to the CH2 rocking mode, 874 and 1071 was assigned to the CC skeletal stretchingvibration, 1171(CF2 out-of-plane deformation), 1401cm-1 was assigned to the CF2 wagging mode and 1429 cm-1 to the CH2 bending.
We also observe that (C1) implies (CT1), (CI1) and (CF1), and (C2) implies (CT2), (CI2) and (CF2)
They can import product orders, automatically generate the cheapest layout, place the necessary marks and export a print or cut ready pdf, jdf, cf2 or Postscript file.
Annex-1: Risk Matrix Annex-1: Risk Matrix of ammonia refrigerant compressor 105 J Guide Deviation Cause word Other Other FV 1012 failed to close Than Than Flow when the minimum input flow on the suction LP.casing 1st stage has been reached Control surge malfunction due to damage to the FT 1012 (upper) More More Flow LV 1024 fails to close or does not match the required percentage More More Level An interruption in the flow output 120-CF1 to storage tanks because of an error reading by LT 1012 Less Less Flow LV 1024 failed to open or did not fit the required percentage Less Less Level Input ammonia liquid derived from 120 CF2 too low Guide Consequences Safeguard word Other Occurs higher pressure PAH 1009 RV 1018 Than and high temperature in the LP.
However, for problems CF1, 3, and 5 cases CA and CSA (for CF2 only case CSA) present higher statistical performance, but still case SA shows better results than SPSO for these five test problems.
Mean pre-operative VA in patients with immediate early intermediate delayed or late group were 2/60 2/60 Counting figure (CF) 3 meters (m) CF2 m and Hand Movement (HM) respectively.