CF6Coupling Factor 6
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Thirty UK-registered planes have CF6 engines including ones owned by Virgin Atlantic and holiday airlines Britannia, Airtours, Monarch and Air 2000.
The order, which affects a total of 568 CF6 engines, follows a notice by the U.
We feel that this agreement -- a new TrueChoice Material agreement on CF6 engines -- is a huge milestone for both GE Aviation and ANA.
There have been seven fairly serious failures of CF6 engines in the last two years with uncontained damage caused - that is, damage not just to the engine but spreading to other parts of the aircraft.
In a recent business expansion, the company has established a centre of excellence for fan blade repairs for the GE CF6 high-bypass turbofan engine - cornerstone of the wide-body engine aircraft business.
CTS Engines said it has completed its 100th full overhaul on a GE CF6 series engine.
GE works well with our maintenance teams with a goal of maximizing the performance of our CF6 fleet.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 15, 2015-CTS overhauls 100th CF6 engine
GE's CF6 engines are among the most utilized and reliable in the industry.
The CF6-80E1 incorporates technology from the Tech CF6 program.