CFA1Colonisation Factor Antigen 1
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These tests indicated the ISB1, ISB2, ISB3, CFA1 and CFA2 were not normally distributed.
When CFA2 earns income from an active business, the income derived by CFA1 from the income transfer payment received from CFA2 is generally deemed to be from an active business under clause 95(2)(a)(ii)(B) of the Act.
Clause 95(2)(a)(ii)(B), however, would seemingly not apply to re-characterize the transfer payment received by CFA1 from CFA2 as income from an active business because the transfer of such income from CFA2 must be considered deductible under Canadian (rather than German) rules in computing CFA2's active income.
They demand money ranging from either CFA1,000 or 20,000 cedis from those who have passports; those who don't surprisingly only need to pay CFA500.
A fellow traveller who had fallen to such deception recounts: "I agreed to pay them CFA1,000, then they took me to the border and collected all my money.
During the TEI's liaison meeting of December 7, 2005, with the Department of Finance, the following question was posed: There is a seeming anomaly in the application of paragraph 17(8)(a) of the Act in cases of indebtedness arising in connection with the acquisition by a controlled foreign affiliate (CFA) of the shares of another CFA where the acquired CFA shares constitute "excluded property." Assume that CANCO (a taxable Canadian corporation) makes an interest-free loan to wholly owned CFA1, and CFA1 uses the funds to acquire shares of CFA2 (which shares are "excluded property" of CFA1).
When it became clear that the odds on Abidjan being reopened during the main cotton export season were virtually nil, a spokesperson for CMDT said: "Now, as the chances of this happening are dwindling and as we go to LomE in Togo, Tema in Ghana and Dakar in Senegal to export, the expected profit has been reduced to CFA1.52bn francs".
On the eve of his European tour in February, the Prime Minister Pascal Affi N' Guessin expressed optimism that the donor community would provide the CFA1,000bn he was seeking to redress the dire economic situation.
In addition, China is putting up Cfa1.5bn to rehabilitate the Alphonse Massamba-Debat stadium in Brazzaville.
The biggest debtors include Cote d'lvoire, which owes Accor Afrique some CFA1.5bn ($2.95m,) and Cameroon, which owes CFA1bn ($1.95m)
One of the reasons for it is the poor financial state of the public sector, which itself, alongside other factors, contributed towards creating a CFA1,000bn public internal debt.