CFAACustom Filter anti Aliasing
CFAACommunities for All Ages (est. 1999)
CFAACanadian Fire Alarm Association
CFAACountry Financial Accountability Assessment (World Bank)
CFAAComputer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 (US law)
CFAACanadian Federation of Apartment Associations (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
CFAACentre de Formation d'Apprentis de l'Artisanat (French: Handicrafts Apprentice Training Center)
CFAACaturegli Formica Architetti Associati (Italian: Caturegli Formica Architects Associates)
CFAACentre de Formation des Architectes d'Aquitaine (French: Center for Architectural Education of Aquitaine; Aquitaine, France)
CFAACollege of Fine and Applied Arts
CFAAChristian Financial Association of America (ministry)
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defendants (57) were also charged with conspiracy to violate the CFAA.
As with the CFAA, security researchers and technically-sophisticated Internet and mobile phone users are particularly at risk from the PECB.
141) Thus, although imperfect, both PEAC and UFADAA 2 provide potentially useful models for states seeking to implement digital asset legislation to achieve efficient and effective digital estate management, while simultaneously withstanding preemption challenges based on federal laws, such as the SCA and CFAA.
7) In response, Deuel's employers filed their own suit alleging a civil CFAA violation.
In other words, it's the CFAA, but much, much worse.
See also Note, Vagaries of Vagueness, Rethinking CFAA as A Problem of Private Delegation, 127 Harv.
Persons convicted of offenses under the CFAA can also be subject to fines and 10 years of imprisonment (Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute, 2015b).