CFABCertificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)
CFABCommercial Fishing and Agriculture Bank (Anchorage, AK)
CFABClimate Forecast Applications in Bangladesh
CFABCalifornia Fig Advisory Board
CFABCollège Français d'Analyse Bioénergétique (French: French College of Bioenergetic Analysis)
CFABCanadian Federation of Amateur Baseball
CFABCompagnie Française d'Administration de Biens (French: French Property Management Company)
CFABCamp Friends Are Best
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Effluent samples were passed through the designed CFAB in order to remove pollutants at optimized parameters such as flow rate, retention time, etc.
Effect of flow rate on adsorption (%) and adsorption capacity of CFAB
Both CFAB and PP facilities supplied all requested sockets.
This included sockets from three CFAB facilities, three PP facilities, and three military facilities.
Bahrain specifically, and the Gulf in general, is an important market for the ICAEW and the availability of CFAB in the region is an important step in the ICAEW's strategy".
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in March, CFAB is a private, member-owned financing cooperative that opened its doors for business in 1980.
It is cooperative similar to credit unions except it pays taxes and does not have a deposit program; CFAB has serviced its three industries since 1980.
Initially funded by a legislative infusion of capital in 1980 and mandated to serve Alaska residents, CFAB is a member-owned cooperative with about 1,100 active members.
But Otness and Gunderson acknowledge that fishermen in Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet have been drastically affected -- and that CFAB, as well as the state, will feel the pinch.
With the CFAB loan approved, more than $30,000 from his own savings and a personal loan, Kopplin went shopping.
Innovation & Education 2502 Cerilliant 3042 Certara 3207 CETAC Technologies 1125 CFABS 4245 Chemic Laboratories, Inc.