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CFACConferencia de las Fuerzas Armadas Centroamericanas (Spanish: Conference of Central American Armed Forces)
CFACCalifornia First Amendment Coalition
CFACCanada Family Action Coalition
CFACCommandement de la Force Aérienne de Combat
CFACCombined Forces Air Component
CFACClear Facilities
CFACCall Forwarding All Calls
CFACCentral Florida Activity Club
CFACCitizens Foreign Aid Committee
CFACCompagnie des Francs Archers Chalonnais (French archery association)
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CFAC is a student-led initiative licensed by the Islamic Affairs Committee to raise funds for Dubai Cares.
La primera, el narcotrafico, es definida como la principal amenaza al Estado nicaraguense, que trabaja de manera conjunta con Estados Unidos y la CFAC para acabarlo (Ejercito de Nicaragua, 2009).
In total, the OUP CFAC planned and executed 218 air tasking orders (ATOs), (4) flew over 26,500 sorties including 9,700 ground attack sorties, (5) destroyed over 5,900 military targets, and deconflicted over 6,700 humanitarian aid flights and ground movements.
Service members attached to Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae (CFAC), the focal point of the maritime portion of FE, provided force protection for U.S.
From time to time when I was in Calgary or driving through, I would tune in to hear him on CHQR and then CFAC. I never called him, nor did he contact me.
Chinhae: Home of Commander Fleet Activities Chinhae (CFAC) and FISC Yokosuka Detachment Chinhae.
CFAC executive director Brian Rushfeldt is encouraging Canadians to contact their legislators and urge them to support these bills and motions.
In fact, he was the first CFAC for the offensive at Saint Mihiel.
(8) It is certainly clear, however, that the marriage issue has been a hot button topic for certain right-wing anti-gay groups, such as Focus on the Family Canada (FOTF) and the Canadian Family Action Coalition (CFAC), many of them linked to conservative or fundamentalist Christian movements and many also funded, at least in part, by larger parent organizations in the United States.
An Australian advocacy group, the Coalition on Advertising to Children (CFAC), had noted that many food advertisements with premium offers appeared to contain potential breaches of CTS 20a.
The other countries that would send troops are Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, all members of the Conferencia de las Fuerzas Armadas de Centroamerica (CFAC).