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CFACConferencia de las Fuerzas Armadas Centroamericanas (Spanish: Conference of Central American Armed Forces)
CFACCalifornia First Amendment Coalition
CFACCanada Family Action Coalition
CFACCommandement de la Force Aérienne de Combat
CFACCombined Forces Air Component
CFACClear Facilities
CFACCall Forwarding All Calls
CFACCentral Florida Activity Club
CFACCompagnie des Francs Archers Chalonnais (French archery association)
CFACCitizens Foreign Aid Committee
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NATO accepted the no-fly zone mission on March 24, and on March 31 the NATO CFAC took command of the entire air mission over Libya.
Nevertheless, the CL and CFAC attempted to garner support for a boycott of Canadian Tire based on its supposed sponsorship of the TV show, which at that time had yet to be aired.
As Guerra dithered, the rest of CFAC went crisply about the business of logistics in a military manner.
This time around, CNPA and CFAC swallowed hard and included language that mollifies those interests.
Knowing that cooperation can yield incredible results, Carvel recently reestablished the CFAC (Carvel Franchisee Advisory Council).
As a young lad living in Strathmore in the Fall of 1949 and Winter of 1950, I recall a small group of western singers/entertainers who had a noon half hour radio spot on CFCN or CFAC.
His display was selected because of the way it drew attention to the apricots and the related item tie-ins," says Pat Ricchiuti, president of CFAC.
The units are available with CFAS Series heat-treated carbon steel and CFAC 300 series stainless steel housing.
Western International Communications owns BCTV and CHEK-TV on the west coast, CFAC in Calgary and stations in Kelowna and Hamilton, among others.
This was the second meeting since the CFAC was renewed earlier this year by the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, to ensure Canadians views are considered by the government in developing firearms policy.