CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Commander (US DoD)
CFACCCombined Force Air Component Commander
CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Command
CFACCCoalition Forces Air Component Commander
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Many of these assets belong to the Army, but CFACC assets are still patrolling almost nonstop, providing nearly continuous coverage of specific interest areas and select lines of communications in hopes of detecting a chameleon-like enemy.
Retasking a CFACC combat air patrol to accommodate an MSC involves a similar process, but navigation of another level of bureaucracy adds to the time expended.
Instead, the doctrinal concepts of the CFACC will provide definition for new command authorities and relationships.
In the post Vietnam era, the Air Force dedicated a substantial effort to developing its ability to fight at the operational level of war through the CFACC and attendant air and space operations center (AOC) constructs.
We did that, but to be honest with you, that's not where I spent most of my time as a CFACC.
They also routinely attend the Air Force's strike planning course at Hurlburt Field, Florida, and later, having moved on to postcommand billets, its week-long CFACC course at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
67) Through the Control and Reporting Center, the ASOC provides positive control for aircraft operating in CFACC airspace above the coordinating altitude.
The challenges faced by the CFACC staff included location of the CAOC, how to establish connectivity across four networks in a multinational environment, how to provide interoperability between all warfare commanders, and how to manage the vast amounts of information (knowledge management) on the networks.
Michael Moseley, as the Coalition Forces Air Component Commander, known as the CFACC, to plan and direct air operations within CENTCOM's geographic area of responsibility.
Dave "Roy" Rogers, who served as the CFACC deputy executive officer at the Combined Air Operations Center.
Distributed control could occur explicitly or implicitly; the CFACC could delegate some control authority to a subordinate unit, or the subordinate unit could assume a particular level of control authority by following predetermined lost-communication protocols.
Confirm USCENTCOM deployment and distribution priorities, validate and direct CFACC intratheater airlift requirement support to components and CJTFs, monitor and direct CFLCC intratheater surface distribution support to components and CJTFs, adjudicate identified USCENTCOM distribution and intratheater shortfalls, coordinate for additional USTRANSCOM support, provide total asset visibility (TAV) and in-transit visibility (ITV) for intertheater and intratheater forces and material, and set the conditions for effective theater retrograde.