CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Commander (US DoD)
CFACCCombined Force Air Component Commander
CFACCCombined Forces Air Component Command
CFACCCoalition Forces Air Component Commander
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During the first week of RIMPAC, the CFACC staff worked closely with the Commander, Combined Task Force (CCTF) staff to improve CENTRIXS interoperability, providing unprecedented coalition interoperability via C4I connectivity to SIPRNET and all three CENTRIXS enclaves.
This command structure meant that the CFACC, as the commander in the sense of the SROE, has tactical control over all OEF flying missions within the tactical area of responsibility.
Significant capital must be expended in training and simulation to prepare commanders to grant their machinery more autonomy, and more importantly, this way of thinking must be inculcated into USAF leaders such as CFACCs. If the adversaries we expect to face take the battlefield, the long screw driver will be consigned to history, and the strategic corporal and captain will own the day.
Distributed control could occur explicitly or implicitly; the CFACC could delegate some control authority to a subordinate unit, or the subordinate unit could assume a particular level of control authority by following predetermined lost-communication protocols.
Missions that could potentially impact CSAR response to a CFACC downed-aircrew incident were routinely denied, even when the mission was in support of the theater's main effort.
In the spring and summer of 2015, CENTCOM, CFACC, and CJFLCC-I personnel built a framework outlining requirements, manning, and a command structure for joint ITCs.
The CFACC established 45 days as the minimum time an augmentee should be present for duty.
Confirm CENTCOM deployment and distribution priorities, validate and direct CFACC [Combined Force Air Component Commander] intratheater airlift requirement support to components and CJTFs [combined Joint task force], monitor/direct CFLCC [Combined Forces Land Component Command] intratheater surface distribution support to components/CJTF's, adjudicate identified CENTCOM distribution and intratheater shortfalls, coordinate for additional USTRANSCOM support, provide TAV and ITV for intertheater and intratheater forces and materiel, and set the conditions for effective theater retrograde.
I figured as the CFACC if I was going to send them, I'd fly with them.
In comparison Operations Northern and Southern Watches maintained ISR vigilance for 11-plus years after Desert Storm--predominantly supported by the combined force air component commander (CFACC)/Ninth Air Force's ISR organizations in the south, and the CFACC and European Command's ISR organizations in the north.
As the threat evolves to deny access, the combined force air component commander (CFACC) can rapidly adjust to the environment, matching regeneration capabilities (pre-positioned, airlifted, or ground transported) at various locations with combat aircraft requiring refueling and rearming.
Operational control remained with TRANSCOM while tactical control was exercised through the CENTCOM CFACC even though the mission was launched in another theater (the European Command).