CFAFCommunauté Financière Africaine Franc (Frech: African Financial Community Franc; currency)
CFAFConsumer Federation of America Foundation (est. 1968)
CFAFCare for All Foundation
CFAFCystic Fibrosis Awareness Foundation (est. 2004; New Jersey)
CFAFClients' Financial Assistance Fund
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CFAF Chief Executive Officer Hwang Yen-chiao said it has done more than any other organization in the world to preserve the practice.
"There is no question in my mind that we are more capable today in the support we provide the warfighter than we were yesterday," CFAF Capt.
Fuelwood represents an annual turnover of about CFAF 81.63 billion solely in urban areas of the three northern regions of Cameroon
Currency: West African franc (CFAF): 516 CFAF = U.S.
Interbank transactions fell to CFAF 66 billion in 2005 or a little more than 2 percent of domestic credit (Table 10).
municipalities, 20% Undeveloped property Undeveloped property (outside urban): (rural): 50,000 CFAF between 500 CFAF and par hectare 2000 CFAF per hectare according to type of land use Valuation Cycle/ Annually for Developed property: Responsibility developed Every three years.
There are cross-border currency transportation reporting requirements for amounts over CFAF 5 million (approximately $10,300) or equivalent.
Horak, who represents some nonprofit agencies, said that by using the words "cancer" and "foundation" in the name, "We believe that CFAF is inducing the public to believe that they are donating clothing for charitable purposes, when in fact the donations are being sold for private profit."
The CFAF report drew attention to widespread media coverage of the BCA report which suggested that the cost of inefficiencies in the federal system, or perhaps the federal system itself, cost $9 billion for 2004-2005, or $450 per Australian, a conclusion which was highly qualified in the report itself.
(26) A procedures manual and contract prototypes were developed and agreed by the borrower and IDA, providing for IDA review of contracts larger than CFAF 30 million (about US$60,000) before signature.