CFALContournement Ferroviaire de l'Agglomération Lyonnaise (French: Lyon Agglomeration Railroad Bypass; Lyon, France)
CFALCrouch Fine Arts Library (Baylor University; Texas)
CFALCoalition for Fair and Affordable Lending (est. 2003)
CFALCity Financial Associates Limited (now Dowgate Capital Advisors Limited))
CFALCell-Free Ascites Liquid
CFALCommunities for a Lifetime (Florida)
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CFAL does not want this to occur, and I am sure the sponsors didn't intend this harmful result, but that in fact would be the unintended consequence of these Miller- Watt provisions.
CFAL also today released a white paper rebutting many of the misleading claims that have been made against the Ney-Kanjorski bill.
CFAL wants abusive lending practices stopped and remains committed to trying to work openly and fairly with consumer advocacy, civil rights, and other groups to help Congress craft the best bill possible.
CFAL believes that such legislation must provide all mortgage borrowers -- regardless of where they live or who regulates their loan originator -- with equally strong and effective protections to stop improper practices by unscrupulous mortgage brokers and lenders.
As a starting point, CFAL backs Ohio Republican Rep.
CFAL members want antipredatory-lending laws to provide clear guidelines, and the ability to correct lending errors without being subjected to punitive fines.
CFAL is ready to prohibit the sale of single-premium credit life insurance, and to restrict lending when a set debt-to-income ratio is exceeded.
George s existing motor vehicle finance business given CFAL s business features regional and rural Australia, while St.
CFAL s equipment finance business specialises in the leasing of large trucks, construction and earth moving equipment and office and computer equipment.
As an operating lease specialist, the acquisition of CFAL will enable WIB to provide a more comprehensive suite of leasing solutions to customers.