CFALContournement Ferroviaire de l'Agglomération Lyonnaise (French: Lyon Agglomeration Railroad Bypass; Lyon, France)
CFALCommunities for a Lifetime (Florida)
CFALCrouch Fine Arts Library (Baylor University; Texas)
CFALCoalition for Fair and Affordable Lending (est. 2003)
CFALCity Financial Associates Limited (now Dowgate Capital Advisors Limited))
CFALCell-Free Ascites Liquid
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CUADRO 1 Tipo, profundidad y ubicacion geografica de los arrecifes estudiados Arrecife Tipo de arrecife Profundidad (m) GRUM Banco 18-25 PCOC Franjeante 8-20 CARRA Franjeante 0-10 PLAN Comunidad 0-8 CFAL Franjeante 0-18 LZO Banco 15-25 BAGUI Franjeante 15-40 BHONDA Franjeante 12-45 FRA Comunidad 0-40 Arrecife Latitud Longitud GRUM 17[grados]40.
Firms representing more than one-third of the subprime industry have joined CFAL, says Executive Director Wright Andrews Jr.
As a starting point, CFAL backs Ohio Republican Rep.
CFAL members want antipredatory-lending laws to provide clear guidelines, and the ability to correct lending errors without being subjected to punitive fines.
CFAL s motor vehicle finance and equipment finance business has total receivables of $6.
George s existing motor vehicle finance business given CFAL s business features regional and rural Australia, while St.
CFAL s equipment finance business specialises in the leasing of large trucks, construction and earth moving equipment and office and computer equipment.