CFASTConsolidated Fire and Smoke Transport (computer simulation; US NIST)
CFASTConsolidated Model of Fire Growth and Smoke Transport (US National Institute of Standards and Technology)
CFASTCommercial Fish and Shellfish Technologies (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
CFASTCollaborative Force-Building Analysis, Sustainment and Transportation
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For further simplification, the response surface for ASET is derived using data from CFAST (Magnusson et al.
For instance, as stated above, JLASS recently adopted the CFAST model into game play as its primary force tracking, deployment planning, and sustainment logistics tool.
The goal of the CFAST initiative is to accelerate clinical research and medical product development by creating and maintaining data standards, tools and methods for conducting research in therapeutic areas that are important to public health," said CDISC Chief of Staff Dr.
32 PNP/NPN isolated digital l/Os, two SATA interfaces, and one CFAST slot.
The most commonly applied and universal two models, invented and developed by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), are zone model CFAST (last version 6.
Chow (1996, 1997) applied CFAST zone model to simulate fire in big enclosures.
Development of fire modelling in the past 30 years allowed the establishment of such complex zonal fire models as CFAST (National Institute of Standard and Technology/USA) (Jones et al.
The purpose of this simulation is to compare the two-zone model with CFAST.