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CFATCarnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (Stanford, CA)
CFATCentre for Art Tapes (Halifax, Canada)
CFATCash Flow After Tax
CFATCanadian Forces Aptitude Test
CFATCollege for All Texans (Austin, TX)
CFATCross-Functional Assessment Team (USACE)
CFATChemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009
CFATContractor First Article Test
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Online cancer-related ISIN and five covariates were used in the analysis as exogenous variables, with CFAT, HSE, and CPB included as endogenous variables.
In an era of child-centered advocacy, Learned and Bagley (1920) used the CFAT report to emphasize their belief that the teacher was key to the learning of all children.
The BR includes the 2nd Hussars Regiment, the only HUMINT regiment in the CFAT, the 44th and 54th Signals Regiments for electronic warfare, the 61st Artillery Regiment with its fast CL-289 and slower Sperwer tactical UAVs, and the airmobile intelligence group of the 1st Regiment of Combat Helicopters.
The book's most surprising revelation is the gap between Flexner's own educational interests and the agenda that his reports for the CFAT advocated.
Figure 2 shows projected cash flow after tax from sale, CFATs, if Champion Apartments were sold at the end of any of the first 10 years of ownership.
This team included three senior scholars at the CFAT: George Walker, vice president for research and dean of the University Graduate School at Florida International University; Chris Golde, associate vice provost for graduate education at Stanford University; and Laura Jones, director of heritage services and university archaeologist at Stanford University.
For example, in 1982 a study group commissioned by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (CFAT) prefaced its report on campus governance with the observation, "There remains in the control of higher education an inherent tension.
This module addresses the US Department of Homeland Security's Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS), a regulatory program focused specifically on security at high-risk chemical facilities.
Department of Homeland Security is changing the way in which it classifies chemical facilities under its Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program.