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CFATCarnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (Stanford, CA)
CFATCentre for Art Tapes (Halifax, Canada)
CFATCash Flow After Tax
CFATCanadian Forces Aptitude Test
CFATCollege for All Texans (Austin, TX)
CFATCross-Functional Assessment Team (USACE)
CFATChemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009
CFATContractor First Article Test
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ACA's members own and operate paint, coatings, resin, and chemical manufacturing facilities that are potentially subject to the CFATS provisions, and under CFATS statutory authority, many ACA members have submitted top screens identifying chemicals of interest and have been assigned preliminary or final tiers by the department.
They were also tasked to identify a list of chemicals that should be considered for addition to the CFATS Chemicals of Interest List.
and a member of SOCMA's Board of Governors, shared with reporters the positive experience her company had with its first CFATS inspection, in spite of a delay caused by last October's government shutdown.
For both, ACA responded that member companies find the CFATS data collection requirements onerous and repetitive/duplicative.
Unfortunately, CFATS has been a victim of the partisan rancor on Capitol Hill as lawmakers have struggled in recent years to approve a federal budget, which would authorize the program.
At this time, CFATS covers over 5000 facilities, of which approximately 3800 have received a final tier notification, and approximately 1500 have received preliminarily tier notification.
Among other legislative priorities, NACD members urged for swift passage of the CFATS Program Authorization and Accountability Act (H.
Companies receiving tier letters were specifically advised of the timeline for completion of the CFATS SVA.
4007, the "Chemical Facility Anti Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Authorization and Accountability Act," a bipartisan bill to reauthorize and improve the CFATS program, which SOCMA supports, passed out of the House Homeland Security Committee and is on track for a vote on the House Floor.
Long-Term Authorization of CFATS has Clear Path to House Floor
While legislators took some positive steps toward improving public safety with the CFATS legislation, Congress missed an opportunity to enact meaningful reform and protect communities from the hazards of chlorine railcars.
Addressing the uncertainty caused by CFATS's expiration as a result of the government shutdown last year, Donahue stated, "Even under ideal circumstances, it costs companies, especially small businesses, time and money to plan for, pay for, prepare for, and clear days off of calendars of multiple employees to comply with" CFATS requirements.