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CFATCarnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (Stanford, CA)
CFATCentre for Art Tapes (Halifax, Canada)
CFATCash Flow After Tax
CFATCanadian Forces Aptitude Test
CFATCollege for All Texans (Austin, TX)
CFATCross-Functional Assessment Team (USACE)
CFATChemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2009
CFATContractor First Article Test
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Under the 2006 law establishing the CFATS program, chemical facilities possessing more than a threshold amount of specific explosive, toxic, or other "chemicals of interest" have been required to complete a "top screen" notifying DHS that they possess such chemicals on site.
The current CFATS regulations take an inappropriately broad look at campuses, treating an entire campus as a single entity.
The revised law, the Chemical Facilities Antiterrorism Act of 2009, will fine tune the regulations and make CFATS rules permanent.
These chemicals and others covered by CFATS are "possessed" on site by many pharmaceutical companies.
CFATs is also known as net, after-tax equity reversion,
CFATS requires the verification of the identity of such personnel or visitors, criminal history checks, and verification that the individual Is legally authorized to work.
113-6), extended authority for the existing CFATS program
However, CLA believes CFATS should be fully implemented first before rushing ahead with new regulation.
In addition, the suite provides a comprehensive audit trail for ensuring compliance regulations laid out by NERC CIP, CFATS and NRC.
The publication of the EAP follows the passage last December of The Protecting and Securing Chemical Facilities from Terrorist Attacks Act of 2014, which recodified and reauthorized the CFATS program for four years.
99) The CFATS anti-terrorism standards were mandated in DHS funding legislation enacted in 2006 (P.