CFAYCommander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan
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We thank all member of the 'Conversation Collective' for their willingness to collaborate on this project, Marivic Perlawan for her participation in Tlingipino Bingo and permission to use her image here, and CFAY for their generosity and enthusiasm, for their hard work getting the Filipino community out, for catering for the event, and for their delicious BBQ skewers.
Nearly 32,000 people are registered at CFAY in DBIDS and approximately 22 percent are DBIDS cardholders.
The week-long CFAY FFSC course examines some of the differences Sailors and their families might encounter, illustrating how simple day-to-day functions--from shopping in a local supermarket to eating in a restaurant--can all present a unique experience.
Service members at CFAY, in close proximity to both Tokyo and Yokohama, live in the largest urban concentration area in the world.
CDC employees are Japanese and spouses of forward-deployed Sailors, something CFAY CDC Director Violeta Delarosa says enhances the child care experience.
CFAY PA: As a long-time resident of the Western Pacific region, what is your perspective on the importance of these missions in building partnerships with some of the host nations?
CFAY PA: When someone sees these types of missions they often don't think of the significant logistics involved.
CFAY PAO: How does FISCY contribute to the success of humanitarian relief missions in the region?
CFAY PAO: Fuels is another one of your responsibilities that has far-reaching effects.
CFAY PAO: Another of your larger operations, especially at this time of year, is PCSing.
CFAY PAO: And I know you have something on the Web-SMARTWebMove?
CFAY PAO: Along with PCS season in August, as you know, in Japan, there are a lot of festivals.