CFBFConfédération Française des Batteries-Fanfares (French: French Confederation of Drum-Bands)
CFBFChildren's Fire and Burn Fund
CFBFCommon Femoral Artery Blood Flow (stroke research)
CFBFCentral Florida Business Forum (Orlando, FL)
CFBFCalifornia Farm Bureau Federation
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CONTACT: Bob Kean of State Fund, 916-924-5016; or Clark Biggs of CFBF, 916-924-4060, or home, 916-484-6866/
CFBF President Bill Pauli made the comments after hearing President-elect George W.
The ruling does not seriously harm our overall case," CFBF President Bill Pauli said.
Karen Norene Mills, director of the CFBF Public Utilities Department, said the settlement means savings sooner for PG&E's customers who include 39,000 agricultural customers.