CFBFConfédération Française des Batteries-Fanfares (French: French Confederation of Drum-Bands)
CFBFChildren's Fire and Burn Fund
CFBFCommon Femoral Artery Blood Flow (stroke research)
CFBFCentral Florida Business Forum (Orlando, FL)
CFBFCalifornia Farm Bureau Federation
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The first draft of the survey instrument was shared with a focus group of five CFBF members for comment.
To estimate our survey response rate, we compared our respondents to the subpopulation of CFBF members growing fruits and nuts or vegetables and melons, who have operations with annual sales above $25,000.
Note: The text of Bill Pauli's remarks to the California Institute for Federal Policy Research, a copy of the CFBF Farm Crisis Task Force report and additional information on the California Statewide Omnibus Survey conducted April 22-24 are available on the CFBF Web site at www.
CFBF President Bill Pauli made the comments after hearing President-elect George W.
The ruling does not seriously harm our overall case," CFBF President Bill Pauli said.
Doug Mosebar, CFBF First Vice President will join representatives of the California Association of Nurserymen and Los Angeles Unified School District, parents and teachers in a ceremony to honor the project's participants.