CFCAChristian Foundation for Children and Aging
CFCAChicago Film Critics Association
CFCACommunications Fraud Control Association
CFCACentral Florida Christian Academy (Orlando, FL)
CFCACalifornia False Claims Act
CFCACalifornia Fire Chiefs Association
CFCACentral Florida Coordination Area (action plan to facilitate coordination among these districts on water supply)
CFCACentral Florida Corvette Association
CFCACivil False Claims Act
CFCAConcrete Floor Contractors Association (Canada)
CFCAChristian Family Care Agency (Arizona)
CFCACaribbean Forest Conservation Association (Trinidad and Tobago)
CFCACamp for Climate Action (UK)
CFCACoordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism
CFCACharitable Facility Compliance Alternative
CFCAComplexe de Fabrication de Cadarache (French: Cadarache Manufacturing Complex; est. 1961; Cadarache, France)
CFCACanada's First Covers America
CFCACarolina Forest Civic Association (est. 2009)
CFCACommittee for a Free Choice for the Afghan
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The CFCA is a global telecom organization dedicated to mitigating the rampant amount of communications fraud currently afflicting telecommunications products and services.
Current CEO Paco Wertin will remain at CFCA in another capacity.
Constituye la plataforma para la ejecucion del programa y relaciona los datos del CFCA con la base de datos de alimentos.
The City originally sued Old Republic Title Company under the CFCA and several other statutes, alleging that Old Republic had falsified unclaimed property reports to the state controller and had failed to remit dormant escrow funds.
For a daily CFCA broadcast schedule of the Empire Games, see Toronto Daily Star, 20 August 1930.
I've been very impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of our Afghan police counterparts," said COL Jon Lopey, chief of the Civil Military Operations Law-Enforcement Cell, CFCA.
But Chicago Tribune critic Michael Wilmington, who says he initially brought the idea of skipping the awards to the CFCA board, believes that the issue is much more complicated than simply being inconvenienced.
Because the CFCA treats grievous and trivial deviations from regulatory commands alike, firms must structure their compliance systems to obey all commands fully.
A health care provider's monetary exposure under the CFCA is often horrendous because of the volume of small claims submitted.
Vital chapter of Citizens for Crime Awareness (CFCA) to offer the support of both companies for CFCA programs.
The CFCA is the premier international association dedicated to enhancing revenue assurance, loss prevention and fraud control through education and information.