CFCCCentral Florida Community College
CFCCCape Fear Community College (Wilmington, North Carolina)
CFCCCensus Feature Class Code
CFCCCenter for Church Communication (Los Angeles, CA)
CFCCCommunity Foundation of Carroll County (Westminster, MD)
CFCCCenter for Families, Children & the Courts
CFCCChina Fleet Country Club (UK)
CFCCContinuous Fiber Ceramic Composite
CFCCCouncil for Clinical Certification
CFCCCoupling Facility Control Code (IBM)
CFCCChrist Fellowship Christian Church
CFCCCertified Family Child Care
CFCCCentral Florida Chess Club
CFCCConsolidated Fixed Charge Coverage (debt ratio)
CFCCCentral Florida Coin Club (Orlando, FL)
CFCCCalorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter
CFCCCommercial Fire Control Computer
CFCCCape Fear Coin Club (North Carolina)
CFCCCape Fear Corvette Club (Cape Fear, FL)
CFCCCarolina Funeral and Cremation Center (Charlotte, NC)
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Able to pay women less than male workers (a wage differential challenged by the NUTW), and eager to expand in an ungoverned sector, the CFCC (Frametex in particular) increased the number of African women working in its mills.
CFCC has gradually been adding new services since its November opening, starting with c-section deliveries only and just recently beginning to take patients for vaginal delivery (finally allowing for full use of the LDRP rooms).
CFSC CFCC DF Tratamentos cm Parcelamentos P1 14,8ab (#) 29,1 11,2 P2 14,7ab 29,5 11,1 P3 15,2a 29,2 11,4 P4 14,0 b 29,9 11,0 DMS (5%) 0,84 0,85 0,34 Doses D1 14,5 29,1 11,1 D2 14,5 29,5 11,2 D3 14,7 29,5 11,1 D4 14,9 29,4 11,2 Teste F Parcelamentos 4,71 ** 2,44 (NS) 2,57 (NS) Doses 0,50 (NS) 0,55 (NS) 0,64 (NS) Parcelamentos x Doses 1,18 (NS) 1,52 (NS) 1,62 (NS) CV (%) 6,10 3,07 3,28 MMF PF Tratamentos (kg) (t [ha.
In Paris the Foreign Ministry insisted that "the film in question is indeed on the program" of the event before the film reappeared on the CFCC list of entries on its website.
Instead of one machining technology instructor losing his job at CFCC, all three are now in an overload situation, teaching extra courses and answering requests for training from local manufacturers.
CFCC will be located at the Colorado School of Mines, and GTI will manage its daily operations for the two-year period.
See Ahrens, supra note 19 CFCC studies show that pulling [channels] from cable systems drives customers to satellite services faster than any other factor.
This gave me a sense of security, but the reality is that CFCC could choose not to "continue" my contract.
IFCC, the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), ISOBM, the College of American Pathologists (CAP), NCCLS, and the American and Canadian societies for clinical chemistry, AACC and CFCC.
As CFCC grew, additional molding capacity was needed and the floor space used by the old mold conveyor line was targeted for the new lost foam mold line.