CFCFCurran-Fromhold Correctional Facility (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
CFCFCommunity Foundation of Central Florida
CFCFCigar Family Charitable Foundation (Tampa, Florida)
CFCFCanada's First, Canada's Finest (TV station)
CFCFCenter for Consumer Freedom (Washington, DC)
CFCFCongress for Cultural Freedom (advocacy group; est. 1950)
CFCFChildren's Food and Care Fund
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The sensitivities of the resonator in mass detection were obtained in the following order: CCC C> SSSS > CFCF > SFSF.
Numerical results for thick plates with thickness-to-width ratios, t/b = 0.05, 0.1, skew angles, [alpha] = 0[degrees], 15[degrees], 30[degrees], 45[degrees], and various boundary conditions of [S.sup.*] [S.sup.*] [S.sup.*] [S.sup.*], CCCC, CFCF, and [S.sup.*]F[S.sup.*]F, are compared with those of mesh-free method [48] (with 17 x 17 distributed particles) and Kitipornchai et al.
Data for this empirical study are those on Gross Fixed Capital Formation (CFCF) as dependent variable and insurance intermediation ratio (IIR), insurance claims payment (ICP), insurance penetration ratio (IPR), and Total Insurance Investment (TII) as independent variables from 1980 through 2011.
Then 10ml of the CFCF was mixed with 20 ml of sterilized nutrient broth.
In Portland, Oregon, transportation activists and the "Green Team" (made up of city employee volunteers) sponsor Car Free and Care Free (CFCF) weeks that encourage employees to get out of their cars by telecommuting or by using alternative transportation.
Thus, the court has overseen the construction and completion of an additional prison facility, Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility ("CFCF"), and a new criminal courthouse, the Criminal Justice Center at 12th and Filbert Streets in Center City, Philadelphia.
* The BBG licenses four private broadcasters to compete with the CBC/SRC: Tele--Metropole and CFCF in Montreal; CFTO in Toronto; BCTV in Vancouver.
He most recently served as CFCF's vice president and chief operation officer.
The success of the event could be seen on the children's faces as they were interviewed for a brief segment on Montreal's CFCF TV Pulse News, which was aired that evening.
CFCF, ONtv and BCTV have been airing the show at 3 p.m., and CKRD-TV has been showing it at 3:30 p.m.
CanWest will walk away with Montreal's local TV station CFCF, as well as stations in Edmonton and Calgary.