CFCIChrist For the City International (Omaha, Nebraska)
CFCICentre de Formation en Commerce International (French: International Trade Training Center; Canada)
CFCICertified in Flexible Compensation Instruction (Employers Council on Flexible Compensation)
CFCICape Fear Center for Inquiry (Wilmington, NC)
CFCICertified Financial Crimes Investigator
CFCIChrist for Children International
CFCICongrès Francophone de Cardiologie Interventionnelle (French: Francophone Congress of Interventional Cardiology)
CFCICentral Florida Career Institute
CFCICompagnie Française de Conseil et d'Investissement & Associés (French: French Consulting and Investment Company & Associates)
CFCIContractor Furnished and Contractor Installed
CFCICriminal and Foreign Counter-Intelligence
CFCICommercial Finish Carpentry Incorporated (Woodland, WA)
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Nash didn't know exactly how many credit unions have taken the step of helping one or two members of their staff obtain CFCI recognition but said the association has seen larger numbers of credit union executives take the step as their institutions become more aware of significant fraud and other crime threats.
and Australia, two places that have not yet implemented the chip cards, having CFCI certified staff enabled the East Hartford, Conn.
I was able to contact a CFCI contact in Canada and ask that they check it out for us," she said.
Smith has lobbied with SIIA, but noted that the CIC-DC board also voted to support the VCIA efforts (though had not formally joined the CFCI as of this writing).
She added in late November, however, SIIA would be welcome to join CFCI if it wanted.
CFCI, according to Harwick, includes "virtually all" other domestic captives (including Nevada, Arizona, Delaware, South Carolina and Hawaii); state regulators; single-parent captive owners; and the National Risk Retention Association.
The CFCI companies are: Canfor Corporation, Catalyst Paper Corporation, International Forest Products and Western Forest Products.
For a Backgrounder, more information on CFCI and access to downloadable photographs from the Central and North Coast please visit: www.
Needs and response by sector Education North Darfur Child Friendly Community Initiatives (CFCI) eCo supported by UNICEF eCo completed the construction of eight (8) permanent new classrooms and completed four (4) partially built classrooms and two (2) offices in Abu Zerega CFCI village.
The CFCI — with UNICEF support — conducted eight (8) workshops on mine risk education in Rehaid Albirdy and Kass localities.
In all, DataPath employs two CFCIs and four staff members Certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) by the ECFC.