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CFCMConseil Français du Culte Musulman (French Council for the Muslim Religion)
CFCMCertified Federal Contracts Manager
CFCMCanadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministries
CFCMCenter for Family and Community Medicine (Columbia University; New York, NY)
CFCMCease Fire Contact Maker
CFCMCenter for Creative Ministry
CFCMChrist First Campus Ministry (Northport Church of Christ; Northport, AL)
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CFF, in cooperation with CFCM, will give major support this season, as they have collaborated for the second time in a row with the best fashion university worldwide, London College of Fashion.
The partnership with CFCM will enhance JCB presence in the market and increase JCB brand visibility, making JCB card members feel more comfortable to use their cards.
199) However, the CFCM introduced substantial change--specifically, the representation of Islam as a cult on equal footing with other religions and its legal institutional status, comparable to that of the Catholic clergy, the Protestant Federation and the Consistory, and the representative body for French Jews.
En abril de 2009, cuando Cepeda de Leon designo a Uriegas como director de la CFCM, este dijo que el organo se dedica a facilitar el camino a las producciones, eliminar trabas gubernamentales, acabar con el exceso de papeleo y servir de enlace oficial entre el gobierno y las empresas productoras que decidan trabajar en el Distrito Federal.
As noted above, Bank, CIC, BFCM, and CFCM engage directly in the business of banking outside the United States.
Thus far, the government's success in co-opting the UOIF through the CFCM has been uncertain at best: the Union has emerged as a powerful voice in the CFCM, winning nearly half of all regional council seats in the first elections and putting up a strong showing in subsequent elections.
The supposedly moderate CFCM has been taken over by militant Islamists (as critics predicted would happen) and is pushing more aggressively than ever for Islamization of France.
The Government Business Group (GBG) of NACM hosted a teleconference on the subject July 13, entitled, "Surviving a DCCA Audit," presented by Beverly Arviso, CPA, CPCM, CFCM.
To retain the CPCM, CFCM, and CCCM designation, NCMA requires all certified professionals to recertify by December 31 of the fifth year following certification, and every five years thereafter.
As the CFCM gains in credibility and stature, "responsible" Jews, Muslims, and Christians must, through dialogue, "act hand in hand" to combat racism and xenophobia.
The establishment of the CFCM is also viewed by Muslims as a form of religious legitimacy.
A detailed description of the CFCM has been provided earlier (3).