CFCMSCarbon Fiber Composite Molecular Sieve
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The FM CFCMs have been asked to engage with their respective HR offices to make sure the approved DoD FM competencies are used in the hiring process.
Because a bank of job tasks and job items are available for FM CFCM use, the ability to quickly develop targeted JOAs is significantly improved.
The Federal Knowledge module consists entirely of questions dealing with federal government contracts management, while the General Business Knowledge module (which is common to both the CFCM and Certified Commercial Contracts Manager (CCCM) designations) comprises questions on general business topics germane to practitioners in either or both government and commercial arenas.
A candidate must now achieve 71 percent on the Federal Knowledge module and 67 percent on the General Business Knowledge module in order to earn the designation CFCM.
In a dynamic environment that is and will continue to be highly competitive, CFCM designation can provide opportunities that otherwise might not be available.
Finally, the fifth improvement would be to seek independent accreditation for the CACM (or CFCM after the second improvement).
The CFCM concept was originally proposed to NCMA's Education/Certification Policy Review Board (E/CPRB) about 18 months ago.
The CFCM will be an enhancement of the current CACM rather than a separate new certification.
Will I get credit for the sections I passed or will I have to take a completely new CFCM exam?
If we elevate the status of the CACM to CFCM, won't people choose to take it because it is an easier (objective-type) exam than the subjective-type CPCM exam?
The contracting professionals listed below attained their CFCM designation, which represents a level of professional development that few have achieved.