CFDCCentre de la Formation et du Développement des Compétences (French: Center for Training and Skills Development)
CFDCCommunity Futures Development Corporation (Nelson, BC, Canada)
CFDCCall Forwarding Detection and Control
CFDCCentral Florida Development Council (Lakeland, FL)
CFDCClean Fuels Development Coalition
CFDCCanadian Film Development Corporation
CFDCCompagnie Française de Distribution Cinématographique (French: French Film Distribution Company)
CFDCContinuous Flow Diffusion Chamber
CFDCCaffeine-Free Diet Coke
CFDCCommunity Futures Development Centre
CFDCCarnmoney Football Development Centre (Northern Ireland, UK)
CFDCCompact Field Data Collector
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Located at the Venture13 innovation centre in Cobourg, Ontario, Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (Northumberland CFDC) provides financing and strategy for entrepreneurs as a pathway to future prosperity, delivering local and regional programs including N100, N1M, the Nventure Angel Sidecar Fund, EODP, CEDP and the core Community Futures Program, with the support of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).
The organizer of this year's Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert, the CFDC, held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the concert.
The first was submitted in 2012 to DOE for use of its G-l aircraft and AMF2, as well as the UCSD SIO's ATOFMS, the CSU CFDC ice nucleation instrument, and other sensors, to pursue CalWater objectives.
Indeed, the community advisory boards (3) for the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS), the steering committees for the Urban Aboriginal Strategy (UAS), Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) and the Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are all designed such that networks in each locality are empowered to set local priorities and allocate funds as they see fit--though always under the supervision of a metagovernor.
The BDC and CFDCs will charge a higher interest rate, averaging between 8-12 per cent, but for some this will be their only option.
Que ce soit au Canada avec le Programme de developpement des collectivites qui a donne au Quebec les SADC (Societe d'aide au developpement des collectivites) mieux connues sous le nom de CFDC (Community Futures Development Corporation) ailleurs au pays, en Europe avec le Programme LEADER (Liaison entre les actions de developpement de l'economie rurale) ou aux Etats-Unis avec les Rural Partnerships, il est apparu une nouvelle approche ascendante qui caracterise ces programmes gouvernementaux fortement decentralises avec une participation reelle des milieux locaux a leur gestion.
"We want to be the home for PLC training in Florida's High-Tech Corridor," says Jim DeGennaro, CFDC Director of Business Development.
"When Ivan took charge of something, he really took charge of it." Through Cinepix, Reitman was able to secure Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC) funds for his second film, Foxy Lady (1971).
"This seminar is part of an Ontario-wide effort to promote 60 organizations under CFDC (Community Futures Development Corporations).
However retrogressive and unavailing it is to trot out the myth of an essential nationalist discourse, the guidelines of agencies such as Telefilm and the CFDC require a film to exude a "Canadianness" in order to secure funding.
Dorland considers the critical event in the development of feature film policy in Canada to have been the establishment in 1968 of the Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC).
In 1967, frustration over the continuing absence of a national cinema led to the establishment of the Canadian Film Development Corporation (CFDC) whose primary goal was to boost feature film production through administrative and financial initiatives.