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Keith Hickey, chief executive of CFDG, said: "The survey shows many in the sector went into this recession with high unrestricted reserves that had the potential to provide a buffer against uncertainty and to allow restructuring investments.
Rather, I have only tried to demonstrate that the inner logic of FDG and its adoption of GRS coheres strongly with a modular architecture, which in turn privileges one-to-one function-to-form analyses, analyses that the omnipresent phenomenon of multifunctionality arguably falsifies; and that the shift to CFDG and its adoption of CRS coheres strongly with a constructional architecture, which accounts satisfactorily for multifunctionality.
A longer discussion of CFDG with illustrations from Biblical Hebrew is found in Anstey 2006.
The CFDG's proposals seek to spell out more precisely the ways in which charities' costs are allocated within accounts.
The CFDG is therefore keen to ensure that the financial information provides enough of the right data to aid this process," said Les Jones, vice-chairman of the CFDG and deputy chief executive of the World Wide Fund For Nature.
David Taylor, charity commissioner, welcomed the CFDG's publication.
PKF and CFDG's 2008 report, Managing Risk - a healthy appetite, reveals that although charities generally appear to be taking most of the obvious steps to satisfy themselves that they have identified all the relevant risks, only a third have rigorous processes in place for determining whether possible risk mitigations are worthwhile and a surprising 16 per cent indicated that they had no formal process at all.
Keith Hickey, chief executive of CFDG added: "This year's survey showed us that many charities have a low or moderate appetite for risk, only 10 per cent consider their appetite is high.
"Risk management is an essential activity and charities need to find the time and resources to handle it properly," said Shirley Scott, chief executive of the CFDG. "Almost all charities that have adopted risk management procedures have reaped the rewards."
CFDG, a successful membership charity with almost 1,000 members nationwide, is extending its regional presence by creating a new centre of activities within easy reach of Birmingham.
With a mission to promote excellence in the management of charities, CFDG provides information, training and a voice of authority for finance staff of charities.
Shirley Scott, chief executive of CFDG said: 'We are really enthusiastic about having a new presence in the West Midlands.