CFDRCComputational Fluid Dynamics Research Corporation (software)
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Smith, LES Software for the Design of Low Emission Combustion Systems For Vision 21 Plants, CFDRC Report 8321/7, 2002.
CFD-GEOM, an interactive CAD-type geometry/grid-generation program from CFDRC, was used to create the geometry and computational grid.
Multidomain, turbulent, and incompressible computations were performed using the CFD-ACE flow solver developed by CFDRC. CFD-ACE is an advanced general-purpose solver for modeling fluid flow, multimedia conjugate heat transfer (including conduction, convection, radiation, and particulate/droplet flows), chemically reacting flows, combustion, and other complex physics.
Computational fluid dynamics modeling software from CFDRC, Huntsville, Ala., is available to model the complex behavior of fabricating semiconductor devices during most of the fabrication processes including spin coating, metal oxide chemical vapor deposition (CVD), rapid thermal processing (RTP), CVD, and plasma etching and coating.
The FD-ACE+ Package from CFDRC Research Corp., Huntsville, Ala., signals a technological trend that is applicable for a variety of semiconductor materials processing methods.
(CFDRC) in Huntsville, Ala., to help them develop a virtual prototyping system.