CFDRCComputational Fluid Dynamics Research Corporation (software)
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Multidomain, turbulent, and incompressible computations were performed using the CFD-ACE flow solver developed by CFDRC.
The newly formed alliance between Micronics and CFDRC creates a strong combined portfolio of technologies, know how and services of substantial benefit to the clients that each company serves.
Micronics and CFDRC intend to offer jointly-produced seminars, co-market each others' technologies, services and products, and pursue other opportunities that allow the companies to expand market awareness of their capabilities.
According to Jim Lindauer, CFDRC's Director of Sales for BioMEMS, "Micronics' and CFDRC frequently call upon the same clients.
CFDRC has over 130 employees (over 75 PhDs) and is headquartered in Huntsville, AL with branch offices in Sunnyvale, CA and Stuttgart, Germany.
Chrysler provided CFDRC with the functional requirements of its virtual prototyping system.
a leading piezoelectric ink-jet print head manufacturer; and CFDRC, a leading modeling company to develop MEAs for the DMFC market.
Major upstream partners in this effort include CFDRC, who will develop simulation models to guide the design of MEAs; and Spectra Inc.
CFDRC is the developer of the multiphysics CFD-ACE+ code that enables the simulation and analysis of complex coupled physics, such as occurs in electrocatalysts and electrode systems.