CFECCommercial Fisheries Entry Commission (Alaska)
CFECCentral Florida Employment Council
CFECCanadian Forces Experimentation Centre (Canada)
CFECCompagnie Française des Experts Construction (French: French Expert Construction Company)
CFECCox Family Enterprise Center (family owned business resource center; Kennesaw, GA)
CFECChina Film Equipment Corporation (est. 1951; Beijing, China)
CFECCertificat de Fin d'Etudes Chorégraphiques (French)
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Young's modulus has been increased by 40.4% for 1CNTCFEC when compared with CFEC, as shown in Figure 7(c).
In case of CFEC, the theoretical tensile modulus was found to be larger than the experimental value by approximately 16%, as shown in Figure 8.
This was increased by 27% for 3CNTCFEC as compared to CFEC. The increase in ILSS by addition of AFMWCNTs is due to surface modification, which results in a strong interfacial interaction.
The surface modification using amine functionalisation shows positive effects in comparison with the CFEC composite system.
When compared with CFEC, the 2CNTCFEC and 3CNTCEFEC composites showed a 24.69% and 38.04% increase in flexural strength, respectively.
The CFEC annual reports provide monthly data for the OTC market from January 1998 through September 2005.
Fig Newton of the CFEC noted that while the Altair UAV happens to be the UAV selected for the ALIX, the emphasis of the experiment is really on how the information collected from a UAV--or a helicopter, satellite, or some other asset--is shared among commanders on the ground or at headquarters, with allies, and with national agencies like Fisheries & Oceans Canada.
The CFEC is affiliated to the Egyptian Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) and controls more than 25% of the total Egyptian exports.
"We will sign a cooperation protocol with Rift Valley Railways, affiliated to Qalaa Holding, to use its railway in Africa to transport the CFEC's exports to African countries," Aboul Makarim added, noting that the protocol will be signed during the COMESA conference scheduled for 20-21 February.
Aboul Makarim revealed that they are negotiating with numerous African countries located along the railway to use their warehouses to store the CFEC's goods.
He added the CFEC has reached an agreement with the Egyptian Export Support Fund to bear 50% of transportation costs of the CFEC's goods to Africa, with a view to lowering the affect of external costs on Egyptian products in Africa in order to increase their sale volume and competitiveness.