CFETPCareer Field Education and Training Plan
CFETPChinese Field Epidemiology Training Program (Beijing, China)
CFETPCareer Field Education and Training Package
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From Log 199-499 classes, to Contingency Wartime Planning and Aerial Port courses to acquisition, mobility and JOPES classes, the formalized framework for LRO development is succinctly outlined in the CFETP.
According to the CFETP, "each accession LRO will be required to attain proficiency in each of the three core competencies before attaining the designation of fully qualified.
This capability adds an additional 30 percent of the CFETP tasks for bladder cell replacement training, which raises the overall CFETP task certifications performed on the MTD to a whopping 59 percent without the use of an aircraft.
The particular credit needs to be validated using the core task listing associated with the SEI in the CFETP training matrix.