CFEWCCanadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre
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Meanwhile, the CFEWC staffers will perform much of the database manipulation with an architecture developed by Electronic Warfare Associates-Canada, Ltd.
In addition to serving as the repository of the country's EW database, the CFEWC will provide such services as threat analysis, library generation, intelligence support, electronic order of battle and database management and distribution, as well as ISS and computer support.
Both "foreigners" play significant roles in Canadian EW: the most recent US representative, Col Bill Euker, has written a considerable amount of Canada's joint EW doctrine, while soon-departing Squadron Leader Rick Parsons has used his engineering background to help get the CFEWC squarely on its feet.
The present CF program has called for a centralized simulator/stimulator package within the CFEWC to meet the needs of all ISSs under the EWOSC project.
Canada also has traveled this route, recently pooling its reprogramming equipment into the Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre (CFEWC).