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692 Table 5: Nondimensional natural frequency of FGM CFFF plates (a/h = 100).
Moderate relationship is observed between CFFF and EAVI indicators and strong, positive correlative relationship is observed between VIS and VIV.
Correlation Indicators degree Validity CFFF EST 0,46 <0,05 CC -0,66 <0,01 VIV -0,63 <0,01 EST VIV -0,63 <0,01 VIS -0,58 <0,05 EL VIS -0,56 <0,05 CC VIV 0,72 <0,01 VIS EVIA 0,66 <0,01 Table 3: Intergroup correlative analysis in the group with expressed asthenopic complaints.
The primary difference between the two models' results is that CFFF is significant one and two years before financial distress for the NB vs.
004 Predictor Variables Response (1) Year Variable CATA CASHTA CFFO CFFI CFFF Year 1: Four-state .
Notice the severe slopes for the CFFI and CFFF of the bankrupt businesses from year three to year two.
Note that healthy firms' CFFO and CFFF decline slightly from year three to year two, but recover in year one, the year preceding their matched firms' default or bankruptcy.
From two to one year prior to the insolvency event, insolvent firms actually must pay more back to outside financing sources than they are able to obtain, generating negative CFFF.
CFFI also interacts with CFFF as the firm loses the ability to borrow additional funds (interaction 2 in Figure 6).
Analysis with cash flow variables reveals that the trends and interactions among/between CFFO, CFFI, and CFFF (as a percentage of operating assets) are the most important indicators of whether or not a company will maintain financial health or will become insolvent.