CFFFCanadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation
CFFFCritical Flicker Fusion Frequency (ophthalmology)
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SRT and CFFF did not show any statistical significance between the groups.
SRT (P = 0.9985) and CFFF (P = 0.7592) did not show any statistical difference between males and females.
Five years after debuting in the industry, the CFFF continues to showcase new filmmakers and their exceptional features with modest budgets.
Average natural frequencies for CCCC & CFFF using Finite element analysis Mode number 0% 25% 1 484.58 484.88 2 983.01 982.67 3 1172.69 1175.9 4 1598.46 1604.18 5 1969.09 1979.05 6 2205.5 2206.31 7 2724.95 2749.8 8 2741.46 2764.95 9 3347.73 3386.06 10 3636.25 3649.73 11 3698.216667 3696.266667 12 4170.15 3970.8 Table 3.
Then, natural frequencies analyses are further carried on the thin (t/b = 0.001) and thick (t/b = 0.1) square plate with the meshes of 16 x 16 elements and various boundary conditions such as SSFF, SFSF, SCSC, CFFF, CCFF, and CFCF.
Based on present study, comprehensive results of buckling loads of FGM plates under combined loads are also illustrated in Figures 9 and 10 for CFFF boundary conditions.
In both groups, independently of expressed complaints negative moderate correlation between CFFF from the one hand and CC (r=-40 when p<0,05) and VIP (-0,38 when p<0,05) from the other was revealed.
Although CFFF is commonly used as an index of temporal resolution, it is affected by individual differences in ERG potential and background noise.
After a slight decline from year three to year two, healthy businesses' CFFO and CFFF stabilize one year preceding their matched businesses' bankruptcy.
Both statins led to impairment of CFFF. Oral administration of atorvastatin (10 mg) led to decline in CFFF from the baseline score taken before intake of test drug.