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CFFG, a not- for-profit organization that actively campaign for maximum FOBT stakes to be reduced (Davies, 2017), were initially approached by telephone.
Furthermore, when asked about their 2013 covert investigation in to the potentialities of laundering proceeds of crime through FOBTs, the CFFG employee explained that they were subjected to no CDD.
This understanding of the AML training provided to staff was also shared by the CFFG employee.
When the topic of the 4MLD was discussed with the CFFG employee; he also had issue with the Gambling Commission's role in the exemption.
The first major flaw was identified by the CFFG employee.
Participants employed at the Gambling Commission and CFFG echoed this sentiment, explaining that the AML training provided to bookmaker staff is far from elaborate, adding that this often consists of a simple 'tick-box exercise'.
The Association of British Bookmakers (ABB), meanwhile, has disputed the CFFG figures.
Dirk Vennix, ABB's chief executive, said: "The CFFG allegation is total fantasy.
The CFFG recently scored a major victory against the industry when two communities--Pinehouse, a predominantly Metis settlement, and English River First Nation--were removed from the list of potential host communities for nuclear waste.
"This self-regulation became known as the Code of Practice and, once introduced, bookmakers circumvented these rules by introducing even more casino and roulette games and facilitating debit card transactions from behind the counter in betting shops," the CfFG said.