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In the flowering stage (2005/2006), the incidence of bacterial disease under CFH management (346) was 29% bigger than BCLD (88), and this treatment differed significantly from all the managements held includind chemical fertilization, presenting a 271% difference in relation to the best CO system treatment, CFFH (327) (Tables 3 and 5).
Harvest Phenology/ 2005/2006 2006/2007 2007/2008 Average Management Growth CF * 143.2 ab 304.9 a 249.6 a 232.6 a CFF 144.4 ab 247.5 ab 232.5 a 208.1 ab CFH 185.0 a 301.9 a 297.8 a 261.6 a CFFH 124.5 bc 222.4 ab 232.5 a 193.1 a-c BC ** 96.0 a-c 160.7 ab 107.2 b 121.3 b-d LBC 92.1 a-c 137.3 ab 92.8 b 107.4 cd BCD 72.7 cd 110.3 b 70.1 b 84.3 d BCLD 55.
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