CFFOChildren First for Oregon (Portland, OR)
CFFOChristian Farmers Federation of Ontario (Canada)
CFFOcash flow from operating activities
CFFOCash Flows From Operations
CFFOCenter for the Future of the Oceans (Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA)
CFFOChief Financial and Facilities Officers
CFFOChief Facts and Figures Officer (corporate title)
CFFOCircles from Fingers Organisation (Hungary)
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The control variables in both tables further show an appreciable relation between SIZE and CFFO (27.
The author calculated the cash flows using the following formulas based on Compustat line items: CFFO = Income before extraordinary items + depreciation and amortization + deferred taxes + equity in net loss (earnings) + loss (gain) from sale of property, plant, and equipment and investments + funds from operations-others + accounts receivable-decrease (increase) + inventory-decrease (increase) + other current assets-decrease (increase) + current liabilities other than current debt-increase (decrease).
The CFFO has 4,100 members across the province and develops public policy initiatives for agriculture.
Negative CFFO drains cash and makes financing more difficult to obtain.
Note that healthy firms' CFFO and CFFF decline slightly from year three to year two, but recover in year one, the year preceding their matched firms' default or bankruptcy.
This aggressive dividend policy has been mainly underpinned by the company's strong CFFO and its unleveraged capital structure.
The company's main source of liquidity is internal cash generation consisting of positive CFFO.
We continue our geographic concentration by acquiring high-quality senior living communities in existing markets that generate meaningful increases in CFFO and earnings.
Fitch expects the company will generate similar or slightly higher CFFO next year compared with fiscal 2017.
Modest FCF Growth: High interest expenses and growing working capital requirements have pressured CFFO and have resulted in negative free cash flow (FCF).
The company generated $154 million of CFFO for the latest-12-month (LTM) period ending June 30, 2017 compared to $163 million in fiscal 2016, negative CFFO of $81.
1 times (x) and cash plus CFFO to short-term debt ratio of 1.