CFGCCalifornia Fish and Game Commission
CFGCCommunity Foundation of Greater Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)
CFGCCharnwood Forest Golf Club (UK)
CFGCChaplaincy, Full Gospel Churches (Dallas, TX)
CFGCCoalition for Gun Control (Canada)
CFGCColorado Federation of Garden Clubs
CFGCChristian Family Guidance Center (est. 1985; Missouri)
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In 1916 the Fish and Game Commission conducted surveys for fish ladders at new or proposed dams throughout the state, including at Gibraltar Dam (CFGC 1916: see also Los Angeles Times 1916c, 1922c).
Too much water, or too little, is the ever present nuisance" (CFGC 1921a).
The CFGC designated three regulatory areas for the harvest of pink shrimp in 1952 (Areas A, B, and C), which encompassed both state and Federal waters adjacent to California.
The CFGC first established regulations for the fishery in 1952 including the use and submittal of logs to document catch and effort, gear restrictions, open and closed seasons, and annual catch quotas.
It belongs to the CFGC, which covers an area of about 40 000 km2 consisting mainly of granodiorite and granite but also of gabbros, subvolcanic rocks, and remnants of supracrustal belts (Nironen et al.
Porphyritic granite is described as postkinematic in relation to the deformation of the CFGC (Nironen et al.
In response to this request and in recognition of the need for a community process, CINMS and the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), which implements CFGC policies, developed a joint Federal/state partnership to examine MPA issues in the sanctuary.
In 2001 CINMS and CDFG developed a preferred alternative based on the work of the MRWG and advisory panels and presented this to the CFGC (California Department of Fish and Game, 2006:64).
Mr Mellor, who has been involved with CFGC for four years, said: "We're hoping to raise more than last year.
CFGC manages around 350 temporary Christmas card shops in churches, libraries, community centres, tourist information centres and museums.
Early on the CFGC was concerned with scientific investigations, and Biennial Reports often presented articles by such well-known scientists as Cloudsley Rutter, W.
In 1914, a Department of Commercial Fisheries was created within the CFGC, to handle the growing needs of that sector, particularly the developing albacore and sardine packing industries, but also the salmon canning industry.