CFGCCalifornia Fish and Game Commission
CFGCCommunity Foundation of Greater Chattanooga (Chattanooga, TN)
CFGCCharnwood Forest Golf Club (UK)
CFGCChaplaincy, Full Gospel Churches (Dallas, TX)
CFGCCoalition for Gun Control (Canada)
CFGCColorado Federation of Garden Clubs
CFGCChristian Family Guidance Center (est. 1985; Missouri)
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In California, the requirement of a BRD on trawl nets used in the pink shrimp fishery was approved by the CFGC in 2001 and implemented in 2002.
The third recent regulatory change in the California pink shrimp fishery occurred in 2004 when new and amended statutes granted the CFGC management authority over all state-managed bottom trawl fisheries not managed under a Federal or state fishery management plan, and prohibited pink shrimp bottom trawling in state waters after 1 Jan.
The CFGC has the authority to open any state waters for bottom trawls if it determines that bottom trawling in those areas is sustainable, does not harm benthic habitat, and does not unreasonably conflict with other users (California Fish and Game Code, 2008b).
Mr Mellor, who has been involved with CFGC for four years, said: "We're hoping to raise more than last year.
CFGC manages around 350 temporary Christmas card shops in churches, libraries, community centres, tourist information centres and museums.
Last year more than 300 charities shared pounds 5m from CFGC.
In 1914, a Department of Commercial Fisheries was created within the CFGC, to handle the growing needs of that sector, particularly the developing albacore and sardine packing industries, but also the salmon canning industry.
Records had to be kept in books open to periodic inspection by CFGC deputies.
5 cents per ton, with two-thirds going to the CFGC for patrol work and one-third going to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for research on kelp-an important source of potash, which Germany had cut off.