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CFHSCarolina Forest High School (Myrtle Beach, SC)
CFHSCanadian Federation of Humane Societies
CFHSChagrin Falls High School (Chagrin Falls, OH)
CFHSCentral Florida Herpetological Society
CFHSCuyahoga Falls High School (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)
CFHSChenango Forks High School (Binghamton, NY)
CFHSCommunity and Family Health Services Division (Utah agency)
CFHSCarry Forward Home Station
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The interventions contributed to expand and strengthen the healthcare network, so that there was an increase in resources, such as the inclusion of CFHS teams to support E and F, and the specialized healthcare service provided to B; cases of resumption, such as the return of G to the school and the specialized healthcare service, and A's return to the latter.
The occupational therapist who is able to provide individuals with independence and autonomy, when included into the CFHS, has as one of her/his duties facilitating the relation between the child and support devices.
Because all individuals aged 10 years and more in the household were interviewed in the 2002 CFHS, youth within the same household are not independent observations.
0 Source: 2002 CFHS Table 2: Description of family transitions, and family processes over the life course Quality of Parent-Child VARIABLES Relationships Age Time of Age 6 12 survey Family Trajectories Nuclear One- > Nuclear One- > Nuclear One 3.
On the perception that this population lacked access to oral healthcare, the clinic director of CFHS surveyed dentists in Columbiana and adjacent counties within a reasonable drive from the clinic.
In 1988, the clinical director of CFHS and YSU's dental hygiene program director developed strategies to ensure the promotion of oral health in Columbiana county.
Summative reports from dental hygiene students, clients, and CFHS staff indicated the project had a positive impact.
It initially included two private practice dentists, one private practice dental hygienist, one dental hygienist who was the dental hygiene program director at YSU, and representatives from Head Start, the Department of Human Services, and the Columbiana county Health Department as well as the director of CFHS.
CFHS received the maximum funding of $30,000 per year from the ODH, Bureau of Oral Health Services.
The CFHS clinic is one of 88 county health clinics in Ohio responsible for providing primary care to women and children at or below the poverty level.
Arrangements for the dental equipment were made through donations, the CFHS budget, and the ODH Bureau of Oral Health, which loaned a portable dental unit to CFHS.
The dental hygienist employed by CFHS provided a one-hour introduction and explained procedures, protocols, and the use of equipment.