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In collaboration with PAR-L, CAUT and CFHSS data on the statistics on gender gaps in Canadian academia was collected.
With the Research and Society Panel and publication of the presentations in Environments, ESAC, CFHSS, and the editorial team hope to place environmental sustainability more firmly on the agenda for Canadian cities and social scientists.
CFHSS [Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences].
As a matter of fact, between 1991 and 2002, the Association for Canadian Studies, the Canadian Semiotic Association, the Canadian Women's Studies Association, and the Society for Socialist Studies all suffered membership losses (CFHSS, 2005: Appendix E).
The numbers provided in Appendix E: Membership Figures for CFHSS Scholarly Associations, 1991-92 & 1997-2004 (Renewing Scholarly Associations: Knowledge Networks for the Next Generation, Discussion Paper, 2005.
Examples include taking departmental subscriptions to the Chronicle of Higher Education (that subscription then providing online access to the Chronicle's "Daily Report" for all faculty) and splitting the participation of distinguished scholars in our visiting speakers series equally with university press editors, SSHRC or CFHSS officers, faculty from the nearest School of Education, or the most recent Canadian ex-President of the MLA speaking not about adaptations but about the idea of "collegiality" that she made a focus of her presidency.
(9) Across this list of associations, membership data for the 1990s gives a mixed picture (CFHSS, 2005: Appendix E): some associations, such as the Canadian Political Science Association have seen stable membership levels, and a few, such as the Canadian Psychological Association, experienced an increase.