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CFHTCanada-France-Hawaii Telescope
CFHTContinuous Flow Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
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These contracts were awarded after CFHT and Gemini determined that RSC is the most qualified FPA supplier in the world to produce devices meeting their entire set of performance specifications.
Following the CFHT legacy survey, other surveys will also be using Space Warps as a means to find lens systems in their data.
Although astronomers knew of the presence of a foreground stellar population since the 1960s, the new CFHT observations revealed that this population is more massive than first thought, and it is not uniformly distributed, clustering around the star iota Ori at the southern tip of Orion's sword.
This accumulated images over five years using the wide field imaging camera MegaCam, a 1 degree by 1 degree field-of-view, 340 Megapixel camera on the CFHT in Hawaii.
Team members from CNRS, CEA, CFHT, and the Observatoire de Lyon, studying two elliptical galaxies exhibiting features characteristic of a fairly recent merging, suggested that they are five times younger than commonly thought.