CFIBChina Fiber Inspection Bureau (cotton standards)
CFIBCorporate Functional Integration Board
CFIBCorporate Functional Information Board
CFIBCentre de Formation Incendie de Blainville (French: Blainville Fire Training Center; Blainville, Quebec, Canada)
CFIBCanadian Federation of Independent Business (lobby)
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Changes to the labour standards that affect these companies head on will not only increase operating costs, but also add to their administrative burden," notes CFIB vice-president Richard Fahey.
Despite the fact that the CFIB, which represents some 3,500 manufacturing companies, has denounced the Act promoting the development of manpower training over the years for its excessive administrative complication and the way it financially penalizes SMEs, the government and MEQ have agreed to subsidize around 150 enterprises on benchmarking projects, at a cost of $2.
Recently, Minister Shea was awarded the CFIB Golden Scissors Award for introducing measures that improve services at the CRA as part of the Harper Government s Red Tape Reduction Action Plan.
Comparing these data to a previous CFIB survey from 2000 indicates that some degree of progress has been achieved by the CCRA in serving Canada's entrepreneurs.
This was needed to give business people a fighting chance to succeed," Judith Andrews, vice-president, Ontario for CFIB, says.
Although the country's six largest banks enjoy the major share of the small business market," says CFIB chairperson Catherine Swift, "it cannot be emphasized enough that the competition they face with one another and with other financial institutions as a whole motivates them to improve servicing.
Garth Whyte, senior vice-president of the CFIB, says that overall, 34.
The CFIB study shows industrial and commercial properties are still paying dramatically higher rates than residential properties of equal value.
Four years ago, according to a recent CFIB survey, only 30% of firms with 50-99 employees were using the Internet to do business, what is now called "e-business.
CFIB is a federal lobby group that works on behalf of the small business community.
Previous CFIB surveys have found that, on average, a small business has to pledge $2.
According to the CFIB, the issues that give small business owners the most headaches are government regulations and paperwork, dealing with finances, and keeping ahead of tax obligations.