CFIDCold Fusion Id
CFIDCouncil of Federal Interior Designers (now International Interior Design Association)
CFIDCentre for Industrial Design (now Centre for Design Research; UK)
CFIDCurrent Force Integration Directorate
CFIDCanadian Foundation for Infectious Disease
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A statement of disclosure consistent with the information contained in the CFID form must be included in the Acknowledgments section of the manuscript submitted to the journal.
Confirmation that all authors have disclosed any actual or potential competing interests regarding the submitted article and the nature of those interests (the required CFID form is available at http://ehp.
gov/cfs, or by calling the CFIDS Association of America at 704-365-2343.
Within the last decade several studies have measured the overlap between CFIDS and MCS, and results show 13-88% of the MCS patients meet the criteria for CFIDS (Jason, et.
CFIDS is a neuro-endocrine-immune dysfunction of the body, affecting people of all ages.
She and TCAA won, identifying CFIDS research funds that were misused by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) between 1995 and 1998.
Eight years ago, Anderson's now-19-year-old son, Jesse, became ill with CFIDS as well.
Is CFIDS related to other illnesses [ILLEGIBLE TEXT]
On behalf of The CFIDS Association of America, she spoke to members of Congress, presenting testimony for The CFIDS Association's Congressional Briefings.
Although some CFIDS sufferers are able to function fairly well in their daily routines if they can learn to pace themselves, others are completely debilitated after any amount of exercise.
Elaine DeFreitas and her co-workers at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia used three types of tests with 30 people suffering from CFIDS and found that the majority of the volunteers showed some sign of infection by human T-lymphotropic virus type II (HTLV-II), a suspect in a rare form of leukemia.
Based on incomplete surveys, CFIDS strikes individuals of all ages, affects both sexes, and ranges across all ethnic categories.