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CFIECanadian Foundation for Investor Education
CFIECentro de Formación e Innovación Educativa (Spain)
CFIECombined Field Integral Equation
CFIEConfederation of Finnish Industry and Employers
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We improve solutions of these problems by taking a hint from the improvement by the CFIE in the solution of scattering problems involving only closed surfaces.
Based on the results of such two experiments, we set the personal preference coefficient [f.sub.0]as 0.4 in CFIE, then, four hosts are used to develop and deploy this application(each node has a CPU with two cores/ We run our program of algorithm TPVM to get the optimal scheme of task placement and scheduling shown in Fig.
La informacion recogida se amplio con entrevistas realizadas a los asesores de TIC de algunos de los CFIEs de las provincias en las que se realizo el trabajo.
Now the CFIE formulation with parameter [alpha] = 0.5 has been applied for the closed body (cylinder and semisphere), and the EFIE formulation has been applied for the plane plate.
It is illuminated by an incident plane wave ([[theta].sub.i] = 0[degrees], [[phi].sub.i] = 0[degrees])at 300 MHz and solved by combined field integral equation (CFIE).
Usually these equations are referred to as the electric current (J) CFIE, and the magnetic current (M) CFIE, as the electric current and the magnetic current are respectively well-tested in each one.
The combined-field integral equation (CFIE) is always used to eliminate the problem, in which the matrix element can be calculated by
To avoid internal resonance solutions, we herein employ a combined field integral equation (CFIE) formulation, which can be written as:
By combining these two equations, we obtain the Combined Field Integral Equation (CFIE)
These two integral equations can be formulated as the following same form of the combined field integral equation (CFIE) except that the integral areas in operators [L.sub.x] and [K.sub.x] are different
[10.] Yla-Oijala, P., "Calculation of CFIE impedance matrix elements with RWG and n x RWG functions," IEEE Trans.