CFIICertified Flight Instructor - Instrument
CFIICertified Flight Instrument Instructor (course)
CFIICertified Fire Investigation Instructor
CFIIConsolidated Financial Investments, Inc. (Clayton, MO)
CFIICenter for Integration and Interoperability
CFIICentral Florida International Investments (Orlando, FL)
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While we got the highest score we've ever gotten on a written after a weekend ground school, a friend couldn't absorb the material fast enough, failed the written twice and found that the best way was to sit down for some extensive one-on-one tutoring with a CFII.
Abdulrahman Alraddadi who is a Ground Instructor at SAFA completed his GACA Commercial Certificate at SAFA and is now pursuing his CFII course while working.
Line up precisely on the centerline of the runway, don the view limiting device (with your trusty CFII by your side, of course), ease in the throttle and keep the heading indicator locked on runway heading as you accelerate to liftoff speed and climb out.
I want an experienced CFII in the right seat as safety net for a pilot's first foray into the clag, because the decision that pilots will be making means potentially looking death in the face, and I want the pilot alive.
A group of us are diligently preparing for our CFII rating and the topic of the recent FAR changes regarding IFR currency came up.
Luca Bencini-Tibo is a lead FAASTeam rep, CFII and Mooney owner.
“If you are a CFII looking to build your business, making yourself known to local pilots is a great way to do that, and IMC Clubs provides you the perfect forum!
The Knowledge Base is set up to put you in contact with a CFII anytime, 24/7.
Bill Ervin, CFII, is a retired Border Patrol Officer.
David Strahle, a CFII with an Aerospace degree, fc is an active aviation weather expert witness.