CFILCenter for Innovative Leadership (est. 1987)
CFILCalifornia Franchise Investment Law
CFILCenter for Independent Living
CFILCouncil Food Intervention Level (EU)
CFILChina Fisheries International Limited (China Fishery Group Limited)
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The rating assigned to CFIL's ELD programme is primarily based on the strengths CFIL derives from its parent such as access to management, funding and risk management systems.
The liquidity profile of CFIL continues to remain comfortable, with access to a diverse mix of sources including institutional investors, banks and HNI's.
Relying on the policy underlying the application of the California Franchise Investment Law, the court concluded that Pennsylvania law was contrary to the fundamental public policy of California embodied in the CFIL and that, as a result, "the choice-of-law provision in the parties' agreement [was] unenforceable for purposes of determining the validity of the arbitration provision.