CFIPCanadian Farm Income Program
CFIPChamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines
CFIPCalifornia Forest Improvement Program (California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection)
CFIPChina Federation of IT (Information Technology) Promotion
CFIPConcern for Information Privacy
CFIPColloque Francophone en Ingénierie des Protocoles
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Collecting views from diverse institutions: Working-level entities under the CFIP, such as the Working Group on Standardization and the Working Group on Safety Measures, will commit themselves to collecting views from diverse institutions with regard to the CFIP's agenda settings.
5) The CFIP, a consultative group of financial institutions chaired by the BOK Senior Deputy Governor, was established under the National Informatization Framework Act in order to carry out joint projects on financial informatization, standardization and safety measures.
CFIP can be viewed as perceived threats to an individual's information privacy regarding EMRs that also triggers the individual's protective responses using PMT.
The CFIP scale for information privacy concern CFIP, a multi-item scale first proposed by Smith, Milberg and Burke (2000) measures the concerns individuals have with the information privacy practices of organisations.
CFIP Lumina radio frequency stability is within +/-7 ppm.
CFIP Lumina uses modulations from QPSK to 256QAM and capacity from 17--366Mbps full duplex bidirectional traffic in 1+0 applications.
Funding for the Stoney Rapids Project, said Rysdale, was provided by the French River Resorts Association, CFIP and the federal Environment Partners Fund.
We are positioning ourselves to be a green furniture industry, only using sustainable raw materials,' CFIP chair Nicolas De Lange said.
Capital Football President Mark ONeill said that use of the AFC Asian Cup surplus to support the CFIP is a great boost for local football clubs, providing the opportunity for clubs to seek funding to tick off some of their facility priorities.
Capital Football has provided strong leadership and focus on its facility needs over recent years and, while some of these identified needs may be much larger in scale, there are many grass roots projects that may now come to fruition with support through the CFIP, Mr ONeill said.
We pledge to attack this issue with renewed vigor, in Rhode Island, in Maryland and across the country, despite the veto by Governor Carcieri," said CFIP co-founder Ken Blum.
We are very encouraged by the progress this legislation has made in Rhode Island, and having Rhode Island lead the way on what we will be a national push for legislation like this has several important advantages," said CFIP co-founder Ken Blum.