CFIRCurriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources (California Department of Education)
CFIRCenter for International Relations (Madonna University; Livonia, MI)
CFIRCenter for Internee Rights, Inc. (Florida)
CFIRComplex Finite Impulse Response
CFirIncorrect Read Coupling Fault
CFIRCentre for International Registration (Ireland; UKAS accredited management systems certification body)
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At the end of the study period (9 months), semi-structured interviews will be conducted using questions based on the CFIR to explore the implementation feasibility of the initiative, time required, barriers and facilitators to integrating the portal into their practice and the initiative's impact on integrated care assess and co-ordination.
Qualitative data will be transcribed verbatim and analyzed using framework methodology based on CFIR constructs, and triangulated to begin to identify how participants describe the various aspects of implementation feasibility and perceived impact.
Theoretical coding then assisted in specifying the potential relationships between categories and shifting the analytic narrative toward a CFIR theoretical orientation.
The present study focused primarily on the views of dental providers (individuals involved) around primary care coordination at chairside (the intervention), but it also touched on other domains of the CFIR.
The CFIR (Figure 1) provides a pragmatic structure for approaching the complex, multi-level, and dynamic processes necessary for successfully implementing and adapting primary care coordination at chairside in dental offices, toward improving patient care outcomes.
The CFIR statement added that board and Kuwait Foreign Minister also scrutinized proposed initiatives and plans for ending GCC states diplomatic tension, restructuring the Arab League to enhance joint Arab action, and the foundation of an Arab court for human rights.
Established in August 2011, the CFIR is an independent Arab think tank that aims to provide technical support for Arab decision markers regarding regional and international issues.
The qualitative analysis of variation in fidelity focused on identifying important elements of these high- and low-fidelity programs and the extent to which these elements reflected the domains for the CFIR model based on data from the FSP program director interviews.
Finally, a template approach (Crabtree and Miller 1992) to text analysis was employed to create a two-dimensional matrix with high- and low-fidelity programs on one dimension and the list of CFIR predictor variables on the other dimension.
Analysis of transcripts of the program directors' interviews revealed 15 qualitative themes that were consistent with three of the five major domains of the CFIR (Damschroder et al.
It is fair to observe that the adoption of the Measures and Guidelines for Enhanced Coordination of International Engagements and the establishment of the CFIR represent significant progress towards effective intergovernmental coordination in foreign affairs in South Africa.
5) Moreover, the absence of a committed leadership within DIRCO to champion processes of coordination has been partly blamed for the ineffectiveness of successive intergovernmental coordinating forums, including the CFIR, which has recently witnessed a decline in the frequency of meetings and stakeholder participation.