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CFISController Financial Information System
CFISCampaign Finance Information System
CFISCollege for Interdisciplinary Studies (University of British Columbia; Canada)
CFISCommercial Fisheries Information System (California)
CFISCrown Financial Information System (New Zealand)
CFISCenter for Family Involvement in Schools (Rutgers University)
CFISCalgary French and International School (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
CFISCorona Fundamental Intermediate School (Corona, CA)
CFISCanadian Federation of Independent Scouting
CFISCenter for Intelligence Studies (Washington, DC)
CFISCascaded Fuzzy Interference System
CFISCertified Flight Instructor - Sport Pilot (also seen as CFI-SP)
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In addition, the value of the Akaike Information Criterion ([AIC.sub.M1-M2] = 5.162) and CFI did not show significant changes in models M1 and M2.
Exhaust-only ventilation reduced the indoor formaldehyde concentration the least, followed by Exhaust with mixing, CFIS, and ERV.
b) In both houses, some central air distribution system return side leakage was causing the CFIS and Exhaust with mixing ventilation systems to move about 10 cfm (5 L/s) of attic air to the Main zone.
"The power went out for about 3 hours about a month after the CFI [DLT] opened," Bruce says.
For example, in 2007, pink shrimp were landed exclusively in Eureka and processed, only from June to September, by a single buyer in Eureka (CFIS, 2008).
In addition to evaluating the seven metrics for three ASHRAE Standard 62.2 (ASHRAE 2007) compliant systems, tests were performed with the central fan always off, always on, cycling with furnace operation (controlled by the demand of the house for heat), and operating for 10 min out of every 30 (for the CFIS).
The CO2 reductions will be achieved through the purchase and retirement of Green-e certified wind renewable energy credits (RECs) as well as Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)-registered carbon financial instruments (CFIs) generated by agricultural and landfill gas methane projects.
After this specification, all factor loadings were significant in the expected direction for all age and gender groups, and [chi square]/dfs < 1.73, CFIs > .90, and RMSEAs < .061 indicated good fit for the models.
VHA's Clinical Financial Information System (CFIS) maps information into a common coding system by integrating clinical and financial record abstracts, charge-description masters, general ledgers and other healthcare information systems.
We had excellent data-reporting systems, both Medisgroups and CFIS. But the data were all being reported retrospectively, after the opportunity to influence physician behavior had passed.
CFIs may skip this step.) The newer Mooney Ultras now place electronic backups between the G1000 PFD and MFD, a much more preferable placement.