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CFKCristina Fernández de Kirchner (Argentina president 2007-2015)
CFKCollege for Kids (various schools)
CFKCharles F. Kettering
CFKCartridges for Kids (est. 1999; recycling)
CFKCostumes for Kids (New Jersey)
CFKChlorofluorocarbon (organic compound)
CFKCash for Keys (real estate agreement)
CFKContractspelersfonds KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond; Dutch soccer organization)
CFKComputer Forum KaHo (Computer Aiding Center)
CFKCharles Foster Kane (movie, band, White Stripes lyric)
CFKChloorfluorkoolwaterstof (Dutch: Chlorofluorocarbon)
CFKCommunications Fly-Away Kit
CFKCentral Florida Kraze/Krush (soccer club)
CFKCommander Fleet Air Keflavik
CFKChemins de fer du Kaeserberg (French; Swiss model railroad museum)
CFKClausenengen Fotballklubb (Clausenengen Football Club; Norway)
CFKCambrai Fritsch Kaserne (US Army Base, Darmstadt, Germany)
CFKCentre Frédéric Kuhlmann (French: Frederic Kuhlmann Center; est. 1997)
CFKCompagnie de Chemin de fer du Katanga (French: Katanga Railway Company; Katanga, Congo)
CFKCarbon Faserverstärkte Kunststoffe (German: Carbon Fibre-Enhanced Plastics)
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It's really neat to have my teacher and my friends helping with a CfK project because it feels like I have a color team!
[37.] Richard JW lames CFK. Intestinal calcium absorption in the aged rat: evidence of intestinal resistance to 1,25[(OH).sub.2] vitamin D.
The Cheongmicheon flux tower (CFK) was in a rice paddy.
In Table 1, results for the whole sample indicate that there is a statistically significant and positive relationship between investment behaviour of the firms and Tobin's Q (investment opportunity) whereas CFK has negative impact on the investment.
Con esta cartera, ascienden a cinco los ministerios creados durante las dos gestiones de CFK. A principios de 2015, Anibal Fernandez es nuevamente designado jefe de Gabinete y Manzur, al retornar a su provincia para disputar la gobernacion, es sustituido por Daniel Gollan, ex secretario de Salud Comunitaria.
Para ratificar la consistencia de la presente propuesta de cuestionario de clima organizacional, previamente se analizaron diversos estudios que proponen instrumentos similares, y se encontro desde ausencia de datos--como es el caso del ICO (42)--hasta otras que presentan los medios de prueba pertinentes para dichos estudios, tales como el ipao (43), C-CLIOU (55) y CFK Ltd.
Because the radicalized right, the de facto powers, and the major media outlets, which, since 2008, have led an opposition front that has used more than just words to attack President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK), have become so extreme that they are now essentially holding the government and the country's sovereign institutions hostage (NotiSur, May 8, 2015).
She was instrumental in bringing together radio stations to create Cash for Kids (CFK) - a charity which has raised over PS43m since it began to help projects and initiatives across UK to protect the vulnerable and create opportunities for young people.