CFLCCCoalition Forces Land Component Command
CFLCCCombined Force Land Component Command
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While he had been directed to support Bremer and the CPA by Secretary Rumsfeld, his chain of command still ran through CFLCC and USCENTCOM and then to the Secretary.
The CFLCC commander initiated an operational pause to secure the lines of communication (LOCs), resupply the maneuver forces, and set the proper conditions before isolating and entering Baghdad.
CFLCC insisted that ORHA would also fall under CFLCC, but ORHA resisted that arrangement.
The CFLCC would collate validated air-support requests and forward them to the CFACC for injection into the ATO process.
Key planning events that occurred before the start of combat operations included establishing, equipping, and resourcing Joint Contingency Contracting Teams; developing/publishing a Contracting Support Annex as part of the CFLCC Operations Plan; preparing acquisition instructions for conducting contracting operations; establishing theater contracts for selected equipment and commodities (such as rental vehicles and cellular phones); and developing a joint manning document for contracting assets to support the CJTF during stability and reconstruction operations.
At the peak of 'the surge' we had to expand housing to 10 base camps to accommodate the large flow of forces," said CFLCC CSM John D.
CFLCC units are deployed to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and the camp is considered to be the biggest supply base in the Middle East, that would be closely tied to Iraqi reconstruction work conducted by Japan's Air Self-Defense Force.
The funding document went to the CFLCC Comptroller and we (ORHA Comptroller) validated requirements and approved all spending documents.
it will happen with the great team work of TRANSCOM, MSC, AMC, SDDC, CENTCOM, CFLCC, Joint Staff and Army Staff-just to name a few
The CFLCC C4 was responsible for fuel and water supply during Operation Iraqi Freedom.